Saturday 31 July 2021

The Legion of Frontiersmen .

In response to the unrest amongst the Patio-gonian Indians the 'Red Army' command has formed companies of frontiersmen to patrol the boarders of the Great Patio and combat any incursions  . Unfortunately poor of Goverment funding has resulted in a total lack of horses to aid in their patrols * . Here we see a unit of the Legion outside their Patrol House .

They are armed with reapeating carbines and a array of 'six-shooters' and have been uniformed in red flannel shirts and yellow bandannas . These are some of the figures I have been stripping recently, some of them came with especially manky paint jobs and quite a few were badly flashed/miscast - but a coat of varnish hides a multitude of sins . Hopefully appearing on the tabletop soon .
*hollow cast mounted cowboy are few and rather expensive on eBay . 



  1. Tony, I like them, and they look so traditional!

  2. That is one rough and tumble unit Tony! They look great and ready for anything that happens to come their way! I like their patrol house too, it really completes the grouping!

    1. It's a 28mm scale AVBCW building from Warbases (I think ?)

  3. Mounted at "Great Governmnet Expense", the Shank's Pony Troop ...
    shiny and wonderful.

  4. In true Monty Python Holy Grail fashion you could give them coconut shells for the cavalry effect - "Come Patsy!"

  5. They do have a certain John Wayne look to them.

    I'd be tempted to look for one riderless horse to raise their status to Mounted Infantry which is how chaps like this usually fought anyway.(in movies as well)