Monday 26 August 2019

Superior firepower

My wife having to work over the Bank holiday left me to my own devices , so having walked the dog and done a (little) bit of housework I set to assembling my 40mm artillery for my Turkish contingent for my Imagination Balkans war . I had to give the figures Fez using 'green stuff' and work out a way to attach the limber to the team .

The Sublime Porte is equipped with Krupp field guns , all figures and equipment are by Irregular .

I've also got a Krupp heavy howitzer which will be painted somewhat generically so other nations can use it as well . I hope the weather holds so I can get them sprayed tomorrow when the 'green stuff ' has set .

Friday 23 August 2019

A cunning plan .

H.G. Wells has a cunning plan to rescue the detained Walkers , he has disguised Zapp's Mounted Policemen as members of the 'Black Hand' revolutionaries so to hide Treborian involvement in the action . However the Treborian government will not allow Zapp to accompany them . H.G.Wells and Miss Perkins have adopted disguise as well .

Zapp wishes the intrepid pair good luck as they sneak across the border to the village where the Walkers are being held .

H.G. and the Mounted Police creep up on the unsuspecting Albanian guards …….
(battle report to follow)

Interestingly this photograph has been known to H.G. Wells scholars for many year and it purports to show H.G.Wells and a female companion in theatrical dress . There seems to be an address of a photographer on the front but it is indistinct and written on the back is written ' H.G. and I Treboria' and an smudged date . I believe it is a photo of H.G. Wells and Miss Perkins taken shortly after their successful rescue of Mr and Mrs Walker (spoiler alert), although the man is heavily disguised with a false beard the woman bears a distinct likeness to the notorious Miss P. Perkins . 

Sunday 18 August 2019

War Pachyderm .

I have had this figure sat on my painting tray for about two weeks and I kept putting off painting it somewhat intimidated by the complexity of the task . However I buckled down and although it took me two days I've got it done . The correct way to paint flats is to imagine the light is coming from one direction and adjust the shading for this , however this is for mounting the figures for dioramas and displays and I just did a sort of wargaming table job . I've just given it a coat of gloss varnish to protect it and when dry I'll do the base , the mug is for scale . 

The other side of the model , getting the shading just right was a task , but I'm happy with it . It will be joining the Hyperborian army soon 

P.S. fear not I have not forgotten H.G. Wells and his cunning plan , coming soon …...

Monday 12 August 2019

Confessions of an addiction .

Sits down uncomfortably in the support group - "I'm Tony and I'm addicted to Command and Colors Ancients" . It started with the easy option 'The Great War Centenary' Edition and before I knew it I was doing C&C Ancients - I need help ! .

Must admit I'm very impressed with the C&C Ancient game , the rules are simple - once you are au fait with the system it easily transfers to the other periods covered by the various boxes  , the difference being added by the card deck and the scenarios . I've found a system used on You Tube for playing it solo and games can be played in about a hour or so .  The only effort is attaching the little stickers to the 345 wooden blocks which are used to portray the forces in the various battles in the scenario book , but I found the task rather therapeutic .

 Games are set up using the scenario book and the blocks laid out as per the map , shuffle the cards - deal them out to both sides and your up and running .I am half way through the scenarios from the core game which covers the Punic Wars , it seems the ideal way to play the big historical battles of this era which I think figure games and rules could not cope with . It will not replace my toy soldiers but it scratches my itch for historical Ancients .

Thursday 8 August 2019

H.G Wells to the rescue !

H.G. Wells Special Envoy to Treboria * is attending a Toy Soldier collectors convention with his good friend and fellow collector Inspector Zapp and his "travelling companion" Miss P. Perkins** , when they are interrupted by a messenger with a telegram from the British Government informing him of the arrest of the Walkers and could he facilitate their rescue ! .

He is struggling to finish of his book on war gaming - 'Tiny Conflicts' (working title) and is finding the constant interruptions tiresome .

A rather flustered Treborian diplomat explains that although an ally of Britain they cannot be seen to assist in any way which would upset the delicate diplomatic relationship with the Sublime Porte .

However H.G. has a cunning plan for a covert rescue mission ! - to be continued ……..
*curiously biographers of  H.G Wells either miss this episode of his life out completely or gloss over it in a sentence or so .
** Miss Perkins is also NOT mentioned in any biography (although the rumour of their 'relationship' persist !)

Monday 5 August 2019

The 'Yellow Press' demand action !

The British press react ! - P.M. Johnstone promises to send a gunboat to release the captured Britons,  Opposition leader Jeremiah Corbin points out that the town were the Walkers are being held is 500 miles from the sea - and is jeered at by Parliament ! .

Saturday 3 August 2019

Mr and Mrs Walker get arrested .

Here are Mr and Mrs Reg Walker on holiday in Treboria walking the Treborian - Ferro Rocha Long Distance footpath , as promoted by the Treborian Tourist Board .

An attempt by Treboria to attract much needed foreign currency .

Unfortunately the tourist maps are not to accurate and they stray across the border with the Sublime Porte and are spotted by a patrol of Albanian Guardsmen . These are of course Irregular 40mm Turkish figures from their Balkans range . The Turkish uniform is mainly a dark blue but when I found these Albanian Imperial Guardsmen in their white full dress uniform I thought I must have these on the tabletop . 

The Guardsmen are suspicious , especially when they find out the couple are British (relations with the Sublime Porte and the U.K. being at a all time low due to the attitude of the British P.M. 'Boorish' Johnstone) . They are promptly arrested and taken to the nearest village - is this the makings of an International incident ? -  is a Gunboat to be sent ? , we await developments ……...

Friday 2 August 2019