Thursday 31 August 2023

2D SYW in action.


I was lucky enough to have my old friend 'R' call round the other day whilst he's up visiting family and so we tried out a small meeting engagement using the Wofun SYW  figures and the Osprey ' Honours of War' rules - he took command of the Prussians.

I won't go into details of the game which swung both ways as we each had a few 'dithering Brigadiers which disrupted our plans .

The closing stages of the battle as my Infantry recoil in disorder and are then threated by 'R's Hussars.

Here we see 'R' reorganising his Cavalry , sadly once again as the action grew hot I forgot to take photos - all I'll say is it was a good fun game - and I lost ! 

Tuesday 29 August 2023

2D Austrians - Army in a box (well 2 boxes)


As mentioned in my last post here is my 2D Wofun Austrian SYW Army . To start with - the Infantry-8 Battalions , I want a similar sized force to the Prussians so I can do the 'Tabletop Teaser' type scenarios , again 5 artillery pieces , the guns themselves are printed MDF which glue together and can be a bit fiddly to get right - not to everyones taste and some people replace them with metal 28mm models.

The Grenz Border Infantry, I have 4 units each of 4 bases as the Austrians had a definite advantage with these troops.

The Cavalry , 2 units of Dragoons , 2 of Cuirassier and a combined Horse Grenadier unit.

2 units of Hussars , with a suitably flamboyant General .

Some of the General Staff .

How things fit in the boxes - bottom layer of 4 Infantry units and the Artillery 

A layer of foam and another 4 units with room for the Grenz or General figures to the right . The Cavalry fit in the other box in a similar fashion . As you can tell I'm a bit of a fan-boy when it comes to Wofun , the only thing I would caution anybody ordering from them is - keep your orders below £100-£120 to avoid Import Tax , they seem to turn around orders within the week which seeing they are coming from Romania is very good indeed , they are delivered by DPD and I've had no problems with any of my orders . I hope to blog some of the games I'm having using these figures using 'Honours of War' rules.

Friday 25 August 2023

Schrodinger's (cat) Army in a Box.

I have a problem with storage in my Wargaming room - I only have so much and have tried to maximise it's usage by storing the boxes of figures under the wargaming table . This also leads to problems accessing the boxes and a lot of the collections tend not to get played with because I can't get to them easily. So I decided to down size an few of my collections that I don't use often . I have sold on my 28mm SYW O.S collection and replaced it with Wofun 2D figures - Here we see 'Old Fritz' studying my problems and sadly shaking his head.

Having got rid of 6 box files full of figure my Prussian Army using Wofun now fits into just 2 boxes - 12" ruler for scale.

The Infantry - 8 Battalions of Foot - each of 6 bases (each base 8 'figures' ),and 5 Guns and crews - roughly 400 'figures' 

The Cavalry - 7 Regiments of Horse each of 4 bases (Heavy Cavalry 6 'figures' to a base, Hussars 3 'figure' to a base) roughly 144 'figures'

Some of the Frei Korp .

Some of the Generals . I can understand that 2D flats are not everyones cup of tea - but I've been using 'flats' and 'semi flats' for years so it doesn't worry me . The great advantage is storage / accessibility I find I am using them much more frequently - And I didn't have to paint them !,catcat I have inked in the figure edges and filled in the gaps in the bases and added a bit of foliage on the Generals bases - next I will show off my Austrian Army - which again fits in just 2 boxes .


Sunday 20 August 2023

A game at 'A's


So this Sunday evening I went around to 'A's for a game of 'Flames of War' set in Tunisia - the Americans versus the Germans , using a starter box he had bought on line . Sadly I didn't take many photos as once the action grew hot I forgot !

Here we see my Lee tanks moving down the road to capture an objective . The boxed set 'Kasserine has two matched forces of plastic tanks and guns , a rulebook , dice and unit cards - a very good buy ! - for about £40 .

My Stuart light tanks scoot around the flank , 'A' was in a hurry to try these forces out so he hasn't got them painted yet . The rules are the latest 4th edition , much tidied up and a lot faster and easier to play than the old 2nd edition I last played with many years ago.

The German position with his 50mm AT guns covering the objective . We played the game in under two hours plus a bit of post game discussion , I was impressed by the 'everything in a box' FOW set and even better I won! - partially because of 'A' poor dice rolling and am looking forward to our next game.

Monday 14 August 2023

A Blast from the distant past !

 In an idle moment I searched the Interweb Either and found my old defunct blog (killed cruelly by the alterations of Blogger many moons ago)and here is one of my first posts - over 12 years ago !- I think my photography has improve since then . A link to my old blog -Tin Soldiering On: 2014

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Posting Photos

MUST  remember to shrink photos before trying to post them ! , otherwise it takes forever

Thursday 10 August 2023

Whats up next for painting.


These Figures have been based and undercoated for weeks, so feeling guilty I have decided to make a start on them . The mounted figures on the paint holders are a couple of Russian mounted Officers made by Empress Miniatures from their First World War range (?). they will be General Officers for my 'White' forces. The ones on the silver washers are the first of a dozen  Copplestones Miniatures Cossacks . I haven't been doing any miniature games on the tabletop recently as I've been playing a series of Command & Colors games which I find play very well solo and are addictive - having played one scenario you think "Hmm I'll play the next one seeing I've got the board out!".Great fun but doesn't blog very well .

I have played most of the scenarios in this box.

And all the scenarios in this box !

Friday 4 August 2023

Almannia Expeditionary Force (AEF) on parade.


I've been waiting for the weather to pick up so I could photo the completed army . As summer has returned briefly today I took the opportunity to line up the toys up .

A modest force of 3 Infantry units and a gun and limber for use with 'A Gentleman's War' 

Karl von Bismark and his Aide de Campe Major Rupert Hentzau inspecting the troops which will be apperaing on the tabletop soon.

Never work with animals and children they say - these two did not help the situation ! , Hodge the cat demanding attention whilst getting in shot and Charlie looking for the opportunity to steal and run off with figures - when denied this he started digging a hole in the garden ! . By the time things where sorted the sun had moved round and I was in shadow ! .(click on photos to enlarge)