Friday 29 December 2017

First Game Of The New Year . (Parte One)

This coming year I'm going to try to play more games with the various armies I've got painted/finished in 2017 . The first will be a TYW game using my plastic 1/72nd figures , the rules will be 'Pike & Shotte' . An apology for the poor picture quality , the overhead bulb has packed in and it's replacement is one of these energy saving eco-bulbs and is s***e !  , I've photo shopped the photos to help with the visibility - but with mixed results ! . The scenario is that the Protestant force is to hold the ford to allow it's baggage train to escape , the Imperialist's are coming on the other table edge attacking in two forces divided by the stream and marshy ground .

The newly finished Protestant  'White' Regiment  - so they should fight well in their first battle (sic).

The 'Red Regiment - with a piece of polystyrene in shot - damn ! 

The first Catholic Tercio moves onto the table , in the distance the other force moves down the road to attack the ford from the other flank . 

That route is being held by the Protestant 'Blue' Regiment . So my New Year resolution are - NO new periods - finish off my existing projects and play games with the figures I already have - noble sentiments - I hope I can carry them out ! .

Sunday 17 December 2017

Wargaming Thoughts For 2018

The Author at his gaming table immersing himself in the period . 

It has come to that time of year when I make a fool of myself by predicting what I will accomplish in the coming year and look at what I didn't get done in the last ! . I'm rather pleased with myself as I think I've only started one new project (?) my 'Test Of Honour' Samurai game - which I'm still enjoying as it gives quick exciting games with perhaps more to do with the Japanese cinema than history - but that's what drew me to them in the first place . I've got my TYW armies more or less finished and got more of my plastic 20mm Crimean War done . I hope to get more of these painted next year as well as finishing off my 10mm AWI project and the Austrians for 1860's Italy are almost finished.   I've got quite a lot of metal to melt down so the odd 40mm Prince August homecast  may be on the cards . I plan to play more 'Old School' using the various armies I already have done , also some Colonial gaming using TSATF . It will be interesting to see how much of this comes to pass when I look back in another years time ! .

Friday 15 December 2017

A Seasonal Find.

I found this whilst looking through my old defunct blog and thought it ideal for the season.

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Progress With Test Of Honour.

First an apology for the poor photo , the bulb in my light in the wargaming room has died and the only one on hand is of lesser 'wattage' and a large amount of Photoshop was needed to salvage this photo . I've been busy in the background painting more Samurai figures and terrain for my 'Test Of Honour' project - here we see a game set up ready for playing. 

One of the more fun figures I have been painting is Banzuiin Chobei a sort of 'Robin Hood' character in Japanese history - a hero for the common man . Rumours that I modelled for this figures are wrong ! , but he is quite a chap both in history and on the tabletop ! .

Here is a rather bloody wood print on his death , ambushed in a bath house he slew many of his attackers who had to set fire to the building to finally dispatch him .

Thursday 7 December 2017

Taking To The Air.

Whilst tidying my wargaming room I came across a plastic 1/48th scale(?) aeroplane kit , I think it's a Curtis 'Jenny' biplane , there were no instructions with it !? . I remembered I had got it to go with my 'Back Of Beyond' project and wanted a non descript two-seater that would do for any of the participants - hence no markings on it . In my distant youth I had been a quite a fan of constructing plastic WW1 aircraft kits so I thought I would glue it together . Hmm ! the years have not been kind to my aircraft building skills and it was a bit of a struggle (in fact it nearly ended up in the bin!) but I persevered and even stretched some sprue (over a candle - Ah ! that brings back memories - mainly of burnt finger ends !) to complete the rigging . Here we see the finished product with a couple of 28mm 'Copplestone' pilot figures ready for take off !