Saturday 31 May 2014

The Ferraro Rochain Army

This article is based on the unpublished work of Professor Jeckel's 'Slavna Vojska Ferraro Rochai'

Ferraro Rochain Army . Number i Line Infantry in Summer dress . Number ii Rifleman in Winter dress , both uniforms were worn immaterial of the season . Number iii Reservist in Summers smock and traditional hat. 

Number i Staff Officer (Staff seemed to wear a mixture of uniforms - often designed by the wearer), Number ii Mounted Gendarme (3rd Regt.), Number iii Hariboan Lancer (these are irregular mounted tribesmen from the wild Hariboan plains who traditionally provide an escort to the Royal Family).

Number i Royal Guardsman in Parade Dress , Number ii Garibaldi Volunteer , Number iii Garibaldi Volunteer Officer (Foreign followers of the principles of the revolutionary Garibaldi formed a volunteer unit to serve with the regular Ferraro Rochain army).

The Royal Ferraro Rochaian Artillery , armed with the modernest French artillery guns.

Although not part of the regular army the revolutionary 'Black Hand' movement does provide help - in varying degrees of success !

Friday 30 May 2014

The Army of Treboria.

The following illustrations are from the now out of print Osprey Man at Arms book 'The Treborian Army 1802-1900'

Number 1 is a Line Infantryman wearing the new issue khaki uniform with the branch of service colour on the collar (red for infantry)
Number 2 is a Reservist and is wearing the older blue uniform , which previously the line infantry wore .
Number 3 is a member of The British Legione , because Treboria has done an arms deal with Britain it was decided to form a unit of expatriates and equip them with uniforms purchased with this deal . Unfortunately  there was a misunderstanding ( Col. Smyth has been linked to this 'cock up' and the press have made much of it !) and instead of modern British uniforms Treboria received 1000 Crimean war uniforms ! . Having spent this money the unit had to be so equipped . 

Number 1 is a Dragoon (Princess Alicia's) and is equipped with a carbine and sabre.
Number 2 is a member of the Elite 'Hussars of Excellence' a exclusive cavalry unit who recruit from the upper classes of Treborian society.

The Treborian artillery are equipped with a variety of modern artillery pieces and have been issued with the new khaki drab uniforms (blue collar patches for artillery) They have the issue cap but also fur hats for some units . Next post the Army of Ferraro Rochai.


Wednesday 28 May 2014

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells & the Temple of Doome. (Part 2)

                             Dramatis Personae

The Villains - well that's a point of view !

The next instalment will describe the armies of Treboria and Feraro Rochai which are engaged in the conflict raging in the Balkans, give a insight into the reasons for the conflict and why the eminent Victorian author H.G. Wells is involved .

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells & The Temple of Doome.(Part 1)

                         Dramatis Personae.

Coming to a blog near you - The Curious (and unrecorded) Case of H.G. Wells & The Temple of Doome.

Next instalment - 'The Baddies' !

Thursday 22 May 2014

10mm Provincial Regiment.

Got this British Provincial Tory regiment done , I used some of Kalistras 'Southern Style' infantry in the uncocked hat and overalls . They are the Royal Regiment of New York , which wore green coats with a mixture of different facing colours .

Monday 19 May 2014

My 10mm American Army For The AWI.

This is my American army as it stands , in the front row is a unit of Pennsylvania riflemen , then 2 units of Militia and finally in the rear a unit of Continental Foot . To the right is the CinC and a mounted Brigadier . I have a gun to paint and some Light Dragoons . I will be painting up some more Continental regiments and perhaps some more Riflemen . 

Friday 16 May 2014

My 10mm AWI Army - So Far.

Been busy beavering away at my new 10mm American War of Independence figures by Kallistra . Above and below is my British army so far completed - in the front 2 units of Light Companies with command base . Next the CinC and a Brigadier , then the 29th Foot and finally at the back the 5th Foot . More infantry to come and a gun and some cavalry . I will be using Black Powder rules for this period. 

A Link To My Other Link. This is a link to my other retirement orientated blog , which I have manage to copy to this new site .

Thursday 15 May 2014

1st Regiment of Horse. ( The Blue Horse )

I have finally got around to finishing off this unit , it has been lacking the command element for some time . So I have got the CinC , Standard bearer , Trumpeter and Kettle drummer done . The Kettle drummer is one of my all time favourite wargames figures . 

This regiment didn't actually fight in the SYW  as it was transferred to the separate Irish establishment . However it is unique in having light blue facing colours , so I fancied painting it up. It started life as the 5th Horse but when several regiments were converted to Dragoon Guards it was renumbered the 1st and was transferred to the Irish Establishment . In 1768 the last 4 regiments of Horse were converted to Dragoon Guards so it became the 4th Dragoon Guards , all very complicated !

Battling Blooger .

In my endless battle with Google , Blooger and computers in general I have found that I can copy posts from my old sites and repost them on this one - HUZZA ! I take this as a small victory against the 'Machine' ! (Hodge says it all !)

Virginia Provincial Regiment.

Months ago Galloping Major Miniatures were doing a deal on their new FIW range- so I went ahead and bought some of their very nice figures - 'but its easier to buy figures than it is to paint them !' and it has taken till now to get them done. 

I've painted them as the Virginia Regiment - which was commanded by George Washington during the French Indian War . I will be using these with the 'Tomahawks and Muskets' rules .

The command figures , Galloping Major do a very nice range of figures - rather 'chunky' maybe but they match well with most of the other ranges out there

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Counte D' Fru-Fru's New Coach .

I ordered a 40mm Generals Coach from Irregular and it has arrived very promptly . The Count D' Fru-Fru is impressed by the delivery time !.

Voltaire calls around to help (?) with the construction.

Every 'self assembley' nightmare ! . Actually it looks simple enough to put together and will look very grand when done .

Monday 12 May 2014

Trying Out Saga.

No not Sex And Games for the Aged ! , but Saga - the Dark Age skirmish system by Gripping Beast . My wargaming colleague 'B' is a great fan of this system so when he suggested coming round to let me try it out I jumped at the chance.

I was to be Anglo-Danish and 'B' the Vikings, the scenario was about trying to cross and hold two fords . My Anglo-Danes are nearest the camera .

'B' casts the runic dice, one for each unit and two for his Warlord.

He then adds them to his 'Battleboard' , these can be played during his move to motivate units, add defence or attacks and influence the enemies move.

My 'Battleboard' with dice added , the boards are cleverly different, the Viking one leans towards attacking and the Anglo-Danish towards defence. This gives a period feel to the different armies.

Rather foolishly I charge my Warlord and his Thegns across the ford and attack 'B's Bondi , the shield markers represent fatigue - after some initial success thing turned against me .

'B' plots his 'coup de grace' .

With things going wrong I use my Warlord to drive off 'B's forces as my Thegns are forced back across the ford. 

Oh dear ! my Warlord is turned into a pin cushion by 'B's archers , when you loose unit or Warlords you loose their dice as well - this starts to make it very hard to get things done . With my force down to ONE  dice I resigned the game . A very enjoyable game (even though I lost) , a clever system with lots of decisions to be made and not to complicated - I can see why this game has become popular in the Dark Age wargaming period .

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