Wednesday 27 September 2023

The 'Goodies' for Slaine , fresh off the painting tray.


Two heroes for the 'goodies' side - King Gann and Queen Niamh (I believe they are not a wedded couple) once again with out of proportion weaponary so beloved of the Fantasy genre - but fun to paint.

Three Warriors of the Earth Tribes with slightly more modest weapons.

And finally from the painting tray, these dramatic Earth Tribe Warriors , I have played the odd game using the Warlord 'Slaine' rules but with a more of a assortment of figures I must give them another go and report back how they play.

Monday 25 September 2023

Slaine - Baddies from the painting tray .


Catching up with my painting backlog - here are some of the 'baddies' from the Warlord 'Slaine' fantasy game , we see Megrim the Sorceress up to no good invoking something nasty . True to all fantasy figures her henchmen have extra large weapons and shields ! 

Here are three more nasties with some sort of repeating crossbows . I've enjoyed painting these figures they are very statuesque and take paint very well and have been a bit of light relief from painting uniformed rank and file figures. (click on photos to enlarge)

Saturday 23 September 2023

Caucasus Cossacks for the Back of Beyond.

Another bunch of Russians that have been painted for a while and never yet seen the tabletop yet . I must have had them for about 15 years so it was about time the had paint applied . 


Wednesday 20 September 2023

A home game against 'S' and a mystery solved.

After somewhat of a pause I welcomed my wargaming colleague 'S' back to my tabletop for a rousing game of 'Honours of War' .

For once I displayed tactical genius and beat him - well okay I rolled the dice well and 'S' rolled very poorly and him having never played the rules probably helped as well !, but the game was played to finish within 2 hours which is what you want.

'S' recognised the mystery figure I rescued from the grasp of the dog as one he painted many years ago (?) - Robert Broughton's Royalist Regt. of Horse - what a good memory he has !


Tuesday 19 September 2023

White Generals from the painting tray.


Got these painted quite a while ago and forgot I hadn't posted a picture of them . They are Empress Miniatures 28mm and their Standard bearer is a Copplestone figure.

Saturday 16 September 2023

A postponement and a rescue .

 Due to minor repairs in the wargaming room I've had to take down the 2D SYW  battle and will replay it after my holidays . 

In my workshop (a rather grand name for the shed) I have my casting equipment for my homecasting , I also have several boxes of old figures which I metal down for the castings . These have been gifted to me from various wargaming colleagues , whilst I was in there today getting something from the deep freeze for tea I was unaware that the dog had followed me in - he's not allowed in there because he gets up to mischief ! ! . I returned to the house and became aware he had something he shouldn't have in his mouth - so I bribed him with a treat to relinquish it and low and behold it was the above figure ! 

It must have dropped onto the floor from a casting session . It old , I would say it's a 15mm Minifigs ECW figure, one of the early types that were cast in strips, mounted on a piece of card - as one did before the advent of MDF . Whoever owned it had converted it into a standard bearer as you can see where the flag staff was glued to the hand and saddle - I trust the hound has not eaten the flag !?. Call me a bit sentimental but it reminded me of my early wargaming years and so I will save it and it will sit on my painting tray from now on.

The culprit, looking suitably demonic !

Thursday 14 September 2023

The Clash at Kutzdorf.


So I have just set up the next battle from the 'Snakes & Ladders' Campaign .The Prussians are the attackers.

The Austrians are are surprised by the Prussians appearing on their flank and will have to adjust their position to counter this . The Cavalry on the left flank is 'Dithering' as is the left Infantry Brigade , however the Hungarian General on the right is 'Dependable'.

The Prussians have 'Dependable' Brigadiers , however the couple of Frei-Korps Light Infantry on left have a Dashing leader! .

Alt Fritz - now with new improved basing !

Field Marshal Browne again with new impressive base . I hope to get the game played over the weekend and will report on the action next week.

Tuesday 12 September 2023

2D SYW Campaign - the next moves.

As the Austrians had lost the last battle they had to remain in place and loose a move , the Prussians move onto 'Card re-shuffle' and so the hands of cards were added to the Fortune deck and shuffled with each side drawing a fresh hand of 2 cards .

The Prussians drew the above cards which will be used in the next campaign turn.

The Austrians drew these which will be of use on the tabletop battles .

The Prussians played this card to move the Austrians back 2 spaces.

Then this card for themselves to increase their move by 3.

This brought the Prussians onto the next 'Battle' square !

They rolled a 2 and get 'Kutzdorf' so they will be the attacker in this battle , which will hopefully be appearing soon .


Saturday 9 September 2023

Take the 'High Ground' SYW 2D Campaign.


This is the second battle in my 'Snakes & Ladders' Campaign with the Austrians attacking . Their objectives is the high ground - marked on the map , the Austrians are to the left of the picture and the Prussians to the far side and right.

I diced for the command abilities and the Austrians got a pair of 'Dithering' Brigadiers - Oh Dear ! . then things got worse - the Brigadier on the left was killed by the first shot of the Prussian Artillery , that means his replacement gets a -1 on dice throws from now on .

Things did not go all the Prussian way though - one of their Battalions was forced back due to the Austrian Artillery and the rest of the Brigade had to retire to cover the gap in the line which could have been exploited by the enemy cavalry.

The Austrian left advanced very hesitantly and took casualties from the Prussian artillery which when combined withe the initial Infantry volley - broke the right hand Battalion.

Things started to go downhill for the Austrians one of their Cavalry units which was 'dithering' in front of the Prussians broke and ran as they where trying to bring up the Artillery.

Then the Austrian CinC was killed - the Prussians played one of their 'Fortune' cards so he risked being hit on a 10,11, or 12 - Oh Dear ! 

Without the encouragement of the CinC the Austrian Army failed it's motivation rolls and started to fall back ! - a victory for the Prussians ! . We must now see how this affects the Campaign with the Austrians have to miss a turn as the Prussians get to draw another 'Fortune card .

Thursday 7 September 2023

Homecasting catalog , a blast from the past

 Found on Facebook and for the life in me I can't remember which of the many Toy Soldier/ Homecasting groups it was from !?. Noticed a date of 1923 on it - an era when children were impervious to hot metal ! (click on photos to enlarge)

AND it builds patriotism !!!!
(SYW campaign continues next post)

Wednesday 6 September 2023

Snakes & Ladders SYW Campaign, next moves.


Having won the last battle the Austrians get to draw 2 cards from the 'Fortune' deck - see above.

The Prussians have to remain in place having lost the battle but the Austrians roll a 3 and go down the Snake due to rain delaying the march .

The next Campaign day the Prussians rolled a 5 and went up the Ladder due to landing on a 'draw card' square and gain another card.The Austrians rolled a 5 as well but had to stop on the 'Battle' square .

They rolled a 6 and the will be the attacker in the next game 'High Ground' , which is being played as we speak ! ........

Sunday 3 September 2023

The Combat at St. Ulrich (Snakes & Ladders Campaign)


For the first battle of the campaign I am using the scenario 'The Combat of St. Ulrich' . The Austrians have stolen a march on the Prussians and a picked force of Grenadiers have captured the bridge over the Schwartz River . They have deployed the Grenadiers to protect the bridge with a unit of cavalry to the flank , with the gun on a hill on the other side of the river . The Prussians are advancing through the village of Mulheim in the to of the photo.

The Austrian command , the Grenadier Brigadier is unfortunately a 'ditherer' - hence the green counter , he will need encouraging to do things !

The Austrian Artillery - it didn't fire during the entire game !

The Prussian command the Brigadier is 'Dashing' hence the red counter, and the King of Prussia is overseeing the action .

The Prussians advanced through the village and their Dragoons formed into line and were charged by the Austrians so they counter-charged! 

After 2 rounds of combat the Prussians broke and routed off the table ! , the Austrians rallied back to reform.

Then to everyone's surprise the Austrians the Austrian rolled a 6 and with the encouragement of the C in C  and advanced two moves and fired into the advancing Prussian columns - who had not deployed - not expecting the Austrians to advance !

Oh dear ! the Prussians bumbled there ! 

The Prussians struggled to deploy under close range volleys from the Austrians .

One of the Line Battalions was driven back with but Frederick used the card to rally hits off them - so saving the situation .

However the Prussians couldn't turn the game around, the left flank Battalion broke and fled , the Prussian Artillery drove the Austrian left flank Grenadiers back but having lost 2 army points (Dragoons and the Line Battalion) the Prussians lost the game and had to retreat back through the village leaving the field to the Austrians . Well I wasn't expecting that !, a very quick game (only 3 moves) and a Austrian victory . The Campaign continues next blog .