Monday 30 October 2017

Au Naturale .

Some time ago I came across a website that featured photos of figures take in natural surroundings , they looked brilliant and the whole idea was very cleverly done and I was very impressed by them . The trouble is I can't remember what the site was called and I've tried various Google searches without result , very annoying indeed ! . However I thought I should give it a go - here we see Herne the Hunter and companion .

Elven Lord Gildas and his guards (not sure I like the frames I've added ?) . I have learnt a couple of things trying this out - It's a LOT  harder than it looks (getting the lighting right and lots of messing about with various 'photoshop' programs) and DON'T take a dog on the shoots - he kept trying to run off with the figures as soon as I picked up the camera ! . (click on photos to enlarge) 

Friday 27 October 2017

1897 , The Cavalry .

Been doing some more of 'A's Victorian project and have painted up some British cavalry . They are a local unit, a Squadron of  the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry .

They are of course 28mm Irregular Miniatures from their 'Home Service' range.

To oppose them we have a unit of German Uhlans , the 2nd Pomeranian Regt. No. 9 

Here we see them on manoeuvres with some Jaegers , I  hope to have got enough painted for a small game next week when 'A' calls around .

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Nearly Run Out Of Figures ! .

Been sorting out my 'corner of shame' under the wargaming table and came across the remaining Thirty Years War figures - and was somewhat taken aback to find that I had almost used up the figures I had amassed ! . Well there are three boxes left - twelve Dragoons , a Scottish Mercenary Regiment and a box of mortars and a waggon .

Oh ! and a box of bits and pieces on sprue ,mainly another couple of guns and crew  . I'm rather pleased with myself how well this project has gone , I've been on with it for about a year or so and have enjoyed the challenge of only using plastic figures with all the pluses and minuses involved with these figures . They take quite a lot of preparation to get them ready (especially the cavalry) , but they paint up well and look good on the table with a character all of their own .

Think I might tackle this waggon and team next , it get rather a slating on the Plastic Soldier site and it could be a bit of a swine to put together but I need some baggage for my armies so will report back on how it goes .

Monday 23 October 2017

Close Wars , The Battle .

The British main force moves onto the table .

The Frontiersmen cover the flanks .

The first casualty ! .

The Rangers take cover .

The Light Infantry take the high ground .

The Indians are alerted and move onto the table .

The French Militia hold up the British advance .

The Regulars deploy and fire a devastating volley ! .

The position is overrun and the British push on .

The Indians sneak up on some  of the isolated British .

The French Infantry arrive but it's to late , sad to say at this point as the battle hotted up I got carried away and forgot to take photos . The British caused 50% casualties on the French before the bulk of the reinforcements arrived and so won the game being able to exit the table without any serious interference . A good quick game with just a few figures on a small table .

Thursday 19 October 2017

A 'Close Wars' Scenario .

My wife has been on holiday this week so we have been taking the dog for various long walks and returning damp, muddy and knackered , so there has been no painting done and little gaming . However I thought I would set up a small quick non-demanding game using Featherstone's rules for 'Close Wars' .

A 4'x4' table , the British come on the right top corner and have to exit bottom left . They must do this with 50% of their force . 

The British force of 12 Regulars , 6 Light Infantry , 4 Rangers , 4 Frontiersmen and 3 Officers move onto the table through a narrow gorge.

They fan out when they reach the open ground , the Frontiersmen keep a sharp eye open for 'injuns' ! .

The French have a small force of militia guarding the route hidden in some ruined buildings . they also have a couple of small patrols of Red Indians on the table .

The French reinforcements of 6 Regulars , 2 units of Red Indians and a Officer . These will arrive on the table when they are alerted by gunfire and the roll of a dice will decide where and when they turn up.

French Allied Indians sneak about the tabletop on the look out for 'white eyes' .

Not the wilds of North America - Mrs K in the wilds of Grisedale Forest in the Lake District . Report of the game to follow ......

Saturday 14 October 2017

Aquarium Scenery.

Was at 'Pets at Home' the other day and I always look at the aquarium section as there can be things of use for gaming and I came across the above on a 3 for 2 offer so I could not resist them !.

Was not sure what I was going to actually do with it , but it has Oriental overtones so it will be Fung Shwei's garden of earthly paradise !. I added  MDF bases and tarted them up a bit .

But in this garden there are serpents ! - Bandits !!!. Hopefully this scenery will be featuring in future 'Back of Beyond' conflicts !.

Sunday 8 October 2017

The Next Batch For 1897.

Been in a painting frenzy completing some more figures for 'A's 1897 project , here we see British Rifles , I've always found it hard to get 'Rifle' green right , it's a very dark green (almost black) but it can look a bit odd I think when done on 28mm figures so I do lighten it a bit - although it looks very dark in this photo - trick of the light (or my photography) ..

Did some more Volunteers plus a mounted officer for them .

For the Germans a unit of Jaegers , again they have come out in this photo a lot darker than they are in actuality .

A rare bird - a mounted Naval Officer for the German Naval Brigade and some more sailors . Have been gluing up and undercoating the next batch of figures which includes cavalry and artillery . When these are done there should be enough for a small game .

Tuesday 3 October 2017

First Fruits 1897.

Been painting for 'A's 1897 project , he has decided on a 'Toy Soldier' look , so they are being mounted on pennies and given a coat of high gloss varnish . Here we see members of the Furness Railway Volunteers (F.RV.)  patrolling a stretch of the main line to Barrow in Furness as there have been reports of unusual Naval activity in Morecambe Bay and the railway line is a major link to the important dockyards there.

Here is a small scouting force from the German Navy who have secretly landed from an experimental submersible near the small hamlet of Flookburgh . 

The Germans are photographed by a young Arthur Ransome on holiday with his family using his newly acquired 'Box Browning' - he had to flee the scene as he was chased by the sailors . These photos were taken using my wife's my super-duper camera as my camera battery was flat and I'm unfamiliar with it so they might be a bit poor  . (click on the photos to enlarge)  More photos to follow and in due course a game ......