Monday 26 September 2016

Featherstone SYW Old School.

 I've had more thoughts on 'Featherstoning' my Seven Years War figures . My Spencer Smith O.S. SYW figures were built for Grant's rules in big battalions and I think to convert them to a Featherstone adaption the units only need to be about 24 figures and 2 officers .

The task would be to alter the existing Featherstone Horse and Musket rules to make them more 'in period' . Here we see the Austro-Hungarian Regiment 'Count Joseph Esterhazy' redeployed as a 24 figure unit with 2 officers .

The Austrian Staff meet and are enthused by the prospect of getting used more on the table top .

The Austrian General Scarlotti meets with the British General Sir Toby Beltcher to discuss the alterations to the rules . Will be giving the subject some thought over the next few weeks , I want to keep the basic mechanisms but alter them slightly to reflect the period . Off on holiday soon so will take the oppertunity to get my ideas down on paper. 

Saturday 24 September 2016

Old School Some Thoughts

I was thinking whilst walking the dog ( I do my best thinking while walking the dog) about what Old School means to me , I know peoples opinions vary on this subject , so this is just my thoughts -  Old style figures - Spencer Smith, Mini Figs, Hinchliffe etc which are painted in bright colours and coated with a high gloss varnish (modern Perry figures would not work with this style) . Single based figures - I like to knock my figures over when they become casualties and leave them on the table so the flow of the action can be traced by the fallen . Simple terrain - old Merit plastic trees , stepped hills and simple buildings . Rules I can remember in my head ! - Featherstone type or 'Charge' , these I realise are very luck orientated but I like them . I was wondering if I could use my collection of Spencer Smith Seven Years War figures for Featherstone Horse and Musket ? - where's the dog - I need to do more thinking !

Wednesday 21 September 2016

O.S FPW Battle - The Conclusion.

The Jaegers keep pushing the French Chasseurs De Pied back causing them to take morale tests - which they kept failing (the French rolled very badly all game) and the Prussian Dragoons move up in support.

The French reinforcements deploy on the other flank and engage the enemy.

Skirting the fallen cavalry the Prussians move up , overseen by their CinC .

Another attempt at an atmospheric photo of the French Infantry.

An overview of the battlefield . I hadn't a plan when I started this battle , I just thought I'd see what happened - the one thing I did do was roll for the number of turns , which was to be eight . I think it's very important when using Featherstone type rules to set a time limit on the battle as you can end up with three men on one side fighting the surviving two figures on the other.

The French High Command are distracted from the matter in hand !.

With the light falling the two reinforcement forces settle for a long range fire fight .

The battle drew to a close , casualties were about the same - 14 infantry and 7 cavalry for the French and 15 infantry and 5 cavalry for the Prussians. But the French Advance Brigade retired from the battlefield so I think it was a marginal Prussian victory . I enjoyed the game and it had everything an O.S. game should have I think - Single figures painted and high glossed in a 'Toy Soldier' style , simple terrain and a set of rules I can remember in my head .

Sunday 18 September 2016

Old School Franco-Prussian War Game.

Both sides moved up and deployed their forces , the French Chasseurs D Africa charged the Prussian Dragoons , whilst the infantry opened fire on each other .

The Prussian's dice roll ! - bad news in any set of rules for their opponents .

Both sides caused high casualties , but the French lost and retired .

A French Cantinierie tends the wounded - I allow French units with a Cantinierie to re-roll one wounded dice . Messing about with photo shop to get that O.S. look.

The French cavalry retreat two moves distance and this forces the infantry to test their morale because of a flanking unit retiring - which they fail and fall back over the hill.

The Prussian Jaegers follow them up as two more Prussian infantry units arrive as reinforcements . (I was dicing for reinforcements and arrival point).

The French fail their rally test and fall back again taking more casualties from the pursuing Jaegers.

French reinforcements finally arrive .

An atmospheric close up of the French moving onto the table .

The Chasseurs De Pied have to take another morale test and failing it fall back again , things are not going well for the French today ! .

The Jaegers commanded by General Bratwurzte move forward in pursuit of the retreating French . Part two of the battle to follow .........

Friday 16 September 2016

The Wargaming Table Reclaimed ! .

I've finally got my wargaming room back in order - well as near as it ever will be and was pondering which game to play on the table now that it is not covered with boxes and rubbish . Now in the privacy of my own home I have the habit of keeping a book beside the toilet to peruse whilst enthroned - as it were - many people do the crossword or read the newspaper , 'A' has a stack of wargaming magazines in his bathroom . (I believe the above photo has the dubious honour of being a first in the world of wargaming blogging in portraying a toilet bowl - the lid down for decencies sake ) I was looking at Donald Featherstone's "Tackle Model Soldiers This Way" (published 1963) and on the front cover it has a photo of a gun and crew by the grandly named 'Swedish African Engineers ' (Spencer Smith) ACW range converted to French FPW artillery. This got me thinking that I haven't played with my O.S FPW figures for a while , so .........

I set up the terrain for a meeting engagement between two advance guard forces , each of a cavalry regiment and a light infantry unit (only on the O.S. table top does such symmetry of forces exist) . I diced for the entry points of the forces and set them up .

The French force of the Chasseurs D Africa and a unit of Chasseurs De Pied are under the command of the dashing Brigadier Gerrard .

The Prussian force of Dragoons and Jaegers is commanded by General Bratwurzte of the Uhlans .

The day being warm the French troops are lucky enough to receive a refreshing drink from their Cantinierie . Further reports of the battle and no references to the water closet to follow ..........

Sunday 11 September 2016

The Gilded Staff.

Whilst my wargaming room is in a somewhat disheveled state I thought I would post some pictures of my Austrian Generals which I have got finished . I rarely put my General figures on multi figure bases but I thought Arch Duke Charles deserved his staff with him (this photo is a bit fuzzy my camera is acting up - or the fault lies with the operator).

An Austrian Brigadier and map, I really like the Austrian General uniform.

An Austrian Cavalry General , very dashing indeed . These figures are the last of my Austrian 28mm Napoleonic project needing painting - finished ! phew ! that has taken about 6 or 7 years to do , feeling pleased with myself at the moment (lots of other unfinished projects in the 'corner of shame' under my wargaming table though !).

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy.

No there has not been an explosion in my wargaming room nor has it been trashed by a robber ! , I'm in the process of re-organising it ! so everything is on the table at the moment - and that photo is after half the stuff has been moved ! .

All the figures will be under the table in box files - with labels ! - drat ! - run out of labels ! (and I could have stuck them on squarely as well ) . Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible ....

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Painting Commision .

Have taken on a private painting commission which will take up most of my painting time in the next few weeks . I'm not to keen on painting other peoples figures as it's a bit like fostering - just get them ready to play with then somebody comes and takes them away ! . Another down side is they are 15mm figures - it's ages since I've painted this scale as I find them a bit of a pain . On the up side is they are 'Peter Pig' 15mm which are beautiful little figures and from his American War of Independence range , figures I have admired for a long time - so now I get to paint them . Once you have got into the swing of things I'm getting through them fairly fast , above is the 63rd Regiment of Foote in campaign dress as they will be portraying the later Southern campaign . Some Highlanders from the 71st are next - luckily NOT in kilts ! . The owner is going to do the basing and providing the flag .

Friday 2 September 2016

The Dreaded Re-basing .

I was preening myself thinking I had almost finished off my Napoleonic collection when I get my final Austrians painted , then I remembered that my Bavarians were still on the old single bases . Overcome with guilt I thought it would be a worthy thing to get them re-based .

Having re-based the whole of my Austrian and French forces I have worked out the best method to remove the pennies that they were mounted on (they were going to be a single model Old School project , but I've decided to use 'Black Powder' rules instead) by fastening them in the vice and tapping CAREFULLY on the edge of the penny which loosens the glue and you can twist the figure off .

The figures de-based and only hit my finger once ! .

Gluing them onto the bases . The Bavarians in 1809 used a different regimental organisation to the French of four companies - so two bases per company , to the right my half eaten lunch not an nasty accident ! .

I also found a Austrian cavalry General which will get painted up when I have finish off my Austrian Infantry which are nearly completed .