Monday 27 April 2020

German Zinnfigur production.

Interesting illustrations from the 1966 German magazine 'Die Zinnfigur' , posted on the Homecasting Facebook page .

The scope of ranges and periods covered by 'Flats' always amazes me .

I suspect that the production of modern 'Flats' is not as labour intensive .

Sunday 26 April 2020

Seen on my walk No. 1

I usually take the dog out early in the morning before people are about and off the beaten track so I rarely see anybody , this morning I went down to a local wood which backs onto a seasonal caravan park owned by the National Trust which is of course  shut now at the moment . The Trust have been doing some work in the wood and have started charcoal burning .

Nowadays they use a metal contraption to burn the wood rather than stacking turf over it as they did in Victorian times , then it had to be manned constantly for several days to get the process right - to much oxygen and it just burnt - to little and it just went out ! 

The modern method doesn't need anybody to man it around the clock and various air holes are blocked - kept open to get the process right . Will have a wander around there in a day or two to see how things are going .

Charcoal burning in the 'old days' 

Friday 24 April 2020

A nice cup of tea

Next up on the painting tray is Santa Anna , Houston's opponent , again by Boot Hill Miniatures . Another controversial character from this era , lucky not to be hanged by the Texans after his defeat at San Jacinto he bankrupt Mexico with his 'creative accountancy' of it's finances . There are a lot of things me and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna might disagree about - but I'm all in favour of a cuppa tea ! .

Wednesday 22 April 2020

'Big Drunk'

I've been pottering around painting up bits and pieces in between Spring cleaning and walking the dog and this couple of figures have been undercoated for a awhile - the depict General Sam Houston (right) and his pal Moseley Baker having a 'little drop of something' perhaps just before the Battle of San Jacinto , the are by Boot Hill Miniatures and capture the look of Sam in his younger days . He was always a controversial character , beating a political rival up with his walking stick , his behaviour before the battle is still mired in controversy (did he want to fight or not ?) , he lived many years amongst the Cherokee Indians and at one time had an Indian wife , the called him 'Black Raven' and also 'Big Drunk' because of his drinking habit . Admittedly he looks hesitant about having a glass in the above diorama . 

Sam Houston in later years , I must admit I rather like him 'warts and all' 

Thursday 16 April 2020

Lord Bygon .

It has been suggested by a correspondent to this blog that Lord Byron Bygon might be getting involved with the infant Republic Of Hellenyka . So I caste about for a suitable figure based on the romantic portrait of him , I looked amongst the Irregular 40mm  Deutsch Homage range and came up with the figure on the right which looks suitably dashing . (wonder if Lady Caroline Lamb is about ?)

Monday 13 April 2020

Wargaming humour No. 29

                  Harvested fresh from the internet , think I've only ever played it once ... 

Friday 10 April 2020

The Bridge on the River Qwhy (an abrupt end !)

We left the last episode at the point when Morris Oxford planted and primed the 'Infernal Device' , I decided that I would throw a dice to see when it went off - on a 1 it would fail to go off , 2,3,4,5, when the next Joker was drawn , on a 6 it would explode immediately ! . I rolled the dice and it came up '6' !!!! 'KABOOOOM' ! and it exploded destroying the bridge - and what of Morris Oxford ? . So a success for the fledgling Republic with the main railway line cut and the Sublime Porte's invasion route blocked for the time being , which will allow time for Hellenyk Republic to organise it's armed forces . 

Wednesday 8 April 2020

The Bridge on the River Qwhy (part2)

The feared Dag Tufekcileri man the redoubt protecting the bridge .

The first Sublime Porte reinforcements arrive, a unit of Bashi Bazooks .

The Albanians and the Garibaldi Volunteers clash at close quarters , as the Bashi Bazooks charge the other unit of volunteers - and fail their moral check and rout (classed as 'nervous' under AGW).

The unit of 'Black Hands' cross the river to attack the other end of the bridge .

Morris Oxford and Stavros take cover in the copse protected by the Riflemen and await a chance to dash and place the 'Infernal Device' .

The Albanians are driven back across the bridge as the 'Black Hands' attack the redoubt .

Ceasing the moment Oxford and his servant dash to the bridge and place the charge (an ace was drawn allowing him to move twice) .

Just as things were looking good for the Hellenyk forces , the Sublime Porte received more reinforcements a unit of Lancers and some Infantry . Part 3 to follow soon …….

Hugo practises chilling .

Monday 6 April 2020

The Bridge on the River Qwhy . (part 1)

At the same time as the Hellenyk Republic was declared an attack was made on the vital railway bridge on the River Qwhy . This rail link is vital to the Sublime Porte if it wishes to bring up troops to attack the new Republic and bring it to heel again . Vital though it is, it is only guarded by one unit of the Albanian Border Force and a small unit  of Dag Tufekcileri (Irregular riflemen) who are based at the redoutbt guarding the bridge .


The attackers are commanded by the radical Bishop Makarios , who is aided by a shadowy individual going by the name of Major Morris Oxford , who with the aid of his man servant Stavros aim to plant an 'infernal device' and blow the bridge up so preventing any swift movement of enemy troops . Because it would not be politic to use regular Fetaland Hellenyk troops the attackers are a motely force of 'Black Hand' revolutionaries ,2 units of 'Garibaldi Volunteers' and an unit the 'Sportsman Rifles' (a Hellenic militaristic shooting club) .

The 'Black Hand' rush forward to attack the bridge .

The defenders signal for help .

The attack starts , nearest the camera , the 'Black Hand' to the right the Sportsman Rifles dash for the copse of trees and in the distance the 2 units of 'Garibaldi Volunteers' move in column down the rail tracks towards the bridge . Part 2 to follow shortly ......

The Western 'yellow press' rally to the aid of the Hellenyk Republic .

Sunday 5 April 2020

STOP PRESS++++ Fetaland declares itself a Republic ! ++++ STOP PRESS

Following a period of diplomatic tension with the Sublime Porte , Fetaland has declared itself independent and proclaimed the 'Hellenyk Republic' , tensions in the region escalates ! . The new Republic calls on Britain and France to back their move . 

Crowds in the capital flock to celebrate the new Republic . There is no response as yet from the  Court of the Sublime porte . (all the action coming from a tabletop in the near future) 

Saturday 4 April 2020

Hyborian battle (part2)

I'm afraid my coverage of this battle is a big bitty as I forgot to take photos as the action heated up . Here we see the Cimmerian warband charge and ultimately rout the Thurn infantry . The cavalry clash at the ford ended up with both sides retiring but the Hykanian cavalry didn't rally and fled the table leaving the 1st Guard Cavalry to rally and return to the fight .

Gayomar 'First of all Men' leads the 3rd Imperial Foot Guards forward .

The Thurn Archers capture the ford (briefly) .

The situation about half way through the game , the Hykanian cavalry are fleeing the table nearest the camera (even though I spent 'Fate' points to try and rally them they kept rolling '1s' ) . In the centre the infantry clash at the road junction .

The 1st Gwalur move up to support their comrades . Unfortunately the Thurn infantry broke under pressure from the Cimmerians and fled , The 1st had to test for friends routing and failed their morale spectacularly ! and also ran off ! .

Towards the end of the battle the Hykanian infantry flee , their archers still hold the ford but are isolated and have cavalry bearing down on their left flank .

The 3rd Imperial Guards didn't even get to draw blood .

Some of the survivors of the 1st Thurn Infantry .

The 1st Guard Cavalry move up to capture the ford , with the rest of the army in rout the Hykanian archers had no choice but to retire as well so giving up the ford .

The looser - Count Valenso , the fates were against him from the start as his army made some abysmal dice throws that even the 'Fate' dice couldn't alter .

The victor- Gayomar 'First of all Men' attributes his victory to his brilliant strategy and not lucky dice rolls ! . A great game, a bit one sided but entertaining never the less .

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Hyborian battle (part 1)

Whilst I'm in an Old School mood I thought I would set up and play a small Hyborian battle . On the left the Hyrkanian army, on the right the forces of Hyperborea . In the centre of the table is an important ford which has to be captured and held to win the game which will take 8 moves .

The Hyrkanian centre the 1st Thurn Infantry and behind the 1st Gwalur Infantry, they are flanked by half of the Thurn Archers . The army is commanded by Count Valenso .

Gayomar 'First of all Men' commands the Hyperboreans , in front a warband of Cimmerian warriors, backed up by the 3rd Imperial Foot Guards, in the distance a contingent of the 2nd Imperial Archers . Both sides also have a Cavalry regiment , the Fort Ghori Cavalry for Hyrkania and the 1st Guard Cavalry for Hyperborea .

The fate dice are thrown and Hyrkania gets 4 - these can be used to reroll saves and other important dice rolls .

Hyperborea also scored a 4 , so the Gods smile equally on both sides . Units were placed on the board by my usual dice throw method ., of course I will be using Featherstone's Ancients rules .