Tuesday 30 April 2024

A Border clash between Treboria and Ferraro Rocher.


So I've cleaned off the accumulated rubbish which has gathered on the tabletop and thought - "what shall I do next?" - there where many canditates, but I decided on my 40mm Imaginations which have not been on the table for a while .It will be a border clash between the forces of Treboria and Ferraro Rocher .

We are luck to have the first hand witness account from Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) who was spending a quiet holiday in a local cottage . He we see him looking on as the Treborian General Staff survey the battlefield. 

Mark Twain wrote " I was awoken early and looking out of my bedroom window I saw a Artillery piece unlimbering on the road below my cottage" . He wrote a short piece about this incident for 'Harpers Weekly' , but I have not been able to track this down yet.

Some of the Treborian forces patroling the Great Border Road , Reservists being lead by the famous British Legione 

The Ferraro Rocherian forces move forward to capture the important road and cut the lines of  communications for Treboria.. Nearest the camera two units of Regulars , then two units of Reserve Infantry in column .

The Ace up the Rocherian sleeve - a unit of the new ' Soldatii de Furtuna' , who are armed with the experimental 'Grenade ale mortii' , they are lead by the infamous Colonel Velkro ! . A battle report to follow .....

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Fighting with an addiction .


There has been not much "proper" wargaming over the last couple of weeks as I have been playing a series of games using various C&C boxed board games . Now I'm not by nature a boardgamer - I once lost the entire Army of North Virginia whilst playing a Gettysburg game against my wargaming colleague 'B' , but I am a great fan of the Command & Colours system which uses blocks instead of little card chits (SO less fiddly with my chunky fingers) . The problem (?) is once you have a game set up it is so easy to just set up the next scenario and play it . There is also a very good solo system which helps the games move on quickly .Sadly the games are not very photogenic from a blogging point of view - back to figure gaming in the near future .

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Pimping my Artillery .


There was a posting on the Wofun Facebook group about adding 3D barrels to the Wofun MDF artillery which are avaiable from www.cornwallmodelboats.co.who do various gun barrels for model ship models . Here we see the original madel and one of the new metal barrels.

I carefully removed the old barrels and glued into place the new ones . 

A comparison shot between the old and the new ones . I think they look much better , I was impressed that the barrels which seem to be made of a brass coloured metal where only about 80p each and may consider replacing more of my artillery barrels with them.

Monday 15 April 2024

Wargaming on the Silver Screen .


I came across this photo on the interweb , it's of Edward Woodward who played the role of Callan in the TV series who seems to be firing a Britains cannon , the figures are 54mm (?) , I've not seen it before but I assume it's from the TV series ?

Sunday 14 April 2024

Work in Progress.


Slowly getting back to normal after our holidays , not much gaming going on as the garden has turned into a jungle in our absence and there are other small but annoying tasks about the home to do . Have started on the above wagon for my Lion Rampant WOTR's project. It is from the Perrys , very nice but being metal very fiddly to put together , luckily the canvas canopy is made from resin so it cuts the weight down a bit . I drilled through the MDF base and into the bottom of the wagon and inserted and glued a long pin to help fix it to the base securely (hopefully) . Got the wagon and horses painted but need to finish off the bases and paint the foot figure. It's main role in the games will be as a objective marker for either side to defend / capture, I'm NOT going to do all the complecated traces etc from the wagon to the horses as this will be used in the rough and tumble on the tabletop. I've just noticed I've put the horse bases in the wrong order for the picture the ridden horse goes nearest the wagon . Hopefully I will get this model finished and onto the tabletop for a game this week.

Tuesday 9 April 2024


Not much done on the wargaming/painting front as we've been away for a weeks holiday to Anglesey .

The weather was cold and blustery - but we didn't get wet ! , a windswept Mr K dressed for the season .

The scenery around the coast is always spectacular .

Mr and Mrs Walker made a breif apperance - the howling wind was whipping up the sand whilst taking this shot , so it was their only photo of the holiday I'm afraid. Normal service will resume soon........


Tuesday 2 April 2024

Riders of the Purple Sage *

We have been on holiday to Anglesy and whilst visiting Holyhead my wife popped into a Charity shop (I waited outside with a whinning dog - who hates us not being together whilst we are on holiday) , when she came out she said "there are some of your 'little men' in there"(as she persists in calling my miniature figurines - toy soldiers). So handing her the dog lead I went inside and found some 54mm figures of various sorts ! , I chose these three because they are unusual - first up Buffalo Bill ! 

Wild Bill Hickok , perhaps not as good a portrayal as Buffalo Bill maybe.

Bronco Billy Anderson - not heard of him , but he was an early cinema star of  Western films . I've just cleaned them up and glued their arms in place and am looking forward to painting them as they are a very different than the 28mm plastic I have been painting of late. .Finding things in Charity shops is a matter of luck and having a wife that can spot 'little men' ! 

*1912 Western novel by Zane Grey.