Monday 30 April 2018

King Of The Wild Frontier.

Been revamping my Tex- Mex figures , re-doing bases and chipped paint etc , I had also purchased some of the 'Boot Hill' figures which I had never got painted so I've been painting them up as well. Here we see David Crockett (centre) with some of his volunteers and a couple of Tejanos Mexicans .

Behind them is a MDF church which I have been busy building , it is by 'Sarissa' and is quite the business ! , I find 'Sarissa' easier to put together than the '4 Ground' buildings , they are not as detailed , a bit more robust - but come unpainted . 

The 'Boot Hill' figures also come with a mounted version, here is Davy and his posse , behind them is a 'Sarissa' Adobe Railway Station which I have converted into a Hacienda type building .

Technology has moved on since I first painted my figures and I have started replacing the rather sad tattered ones with some down-loaded ones from the 'Boot Hill' site .

A selection of Texian flags - the Gonzales 'Come And Take It' , New Orleans Greys' and the 'San Jacinto' flags . I'm starting to play some games which I will illustrate next time.

Wednesday 25 April 2018

A Different Dimension .

The other week I noticed some flats for sale on EBay and kept an eye on them as I'm interested in the idea of painting some . The various popular subject groups sold for relatively high prices (flats are not cheap) but nobody seemed to be interested in a collection of about a twenty WW1 figures , so at the last minute I bid and won them . I then wondered what to do with them and hit upon the idea of painting and mounting them in small picture frames..

The first thing I had to do was try and identify the various figures with the help of my 'Blandfords' WW1 book , I have a good selection of various types and nations and decided to try painting a French Infantryman to start off with.

I searched on the Internet for tips on how to paint flats but came up with very little info , I remember reading once that you must decided where the light is coming from and shade the figure accordingly , above the light is coming from the top left corner (as it were) so all the highlights are on the left and things get darker the further right you go . Finding out what shade of colour 'Horizon Blue' is was fun - with no two visual sources seeming to agree , so I decided on the above shade .

Having finished the figure I cast around for a suitable frame , the strange thing is pro-rata the smaller the frame the more expensive they seem - the above one being £5 from EBay ! about five times the cost of the figure ! . Before I do anymore I must try and find a cheaper source , I'm quite pleased with the finished job and when I get more frames I'll do some more.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Wargaming Humour No. 29

Gluing Cavalry together at the moment and seems very appropriate (shamelessly borrowed from Facebook)

Saturday 21 April 2018

A Blast From The Past ! .

The other day I had a trip to Carlisle - one of my favourite towns and I popped into the Games Workshop for the odd pot of paint , when asked the invariable question from the manager "what are you painting now?" I replied "Mexican Infantry for the 1836 Texan War of Independence" - I got a blank look ! . Then on to the Museum for a quick look round and lunch , finally I when to the second hand bookshop in Castle Street (the name of which I always forget* ) , it's a musty old fashioned place full of nooks and crannies over several floors which you can get lost in . I have never worked out the actual layout of the various categories of books and just rely on bumping into things of interest . Imagine my surprise when I found they have a modelling section and even a few war gaming books ! - sadly all of which I already have - then I came across this book ! . I have never had a copy although I was aware of Morschauser and his gridded wargame through Donald Featherstones 'Advanced Wargaming' . It is rather worn but not to bad for something published in 1962 (56 years ago !!!!)  and VERY nostalgic ! . Although contemporary with Featherstone and Young he differs with his use of multi figure bases and even simpler rules than their's . Time to sit down with a cup of tea (and biscuits) and immerse myself in the past . (*Bookcase)

An early attempt at photography interrupted by Hodge ! .

Sunday 15 April 2018

A Quarter Of The Way There !

The more observant amongst you may have noticed the mileage below the '1000 mile' poster on the right has been slowly increasing , well today I clocked up the 250 mile ! - (well 253.3 actually) and here is a celebratory photo with my companion for most of those miles (Charlie) . I have been aiming for 21 miles a week and on average have been getting just slightly more ! . Hopefully the better weather and upcoming holidays will help as well - here's to the next 250 ! 

Thursday 12 April 2018

Russian WW1 Pilot.

My faith in humanity has been reinforced  , I ordered the above figure of a Russian Pilot of the First World War off EBay from a Ukrainian model shop (?) . It was rather cheap for a 54mm figure and a very unusual subject for my collection of WW1 Airmen , Hmm ! I thought ! will I ever receive it ? - well it was cheap and I would be covered by EBay so I ordered it . Well five weeks later it has arrived and it's rather beautiful, polished and washed black and looks very nice , I was going to paint it but I think I will leave it as it is .The shop is - Hobby-Hata and can be found on EBay -  has lots of very unusual figures and kits .

Tuesday 10 April 2018

A Return From Obscurity .

Nothing personal dear reader - but an introduction to a collection of figures that have not made an appearance on this blog as yet .

About ten years ago (?) Warhammer Historical published the above rules and I started collecting figures for them , mainly 25mm Old Glory (they did some rather good deals at that time on big purchases) and really got into system and the era . 

A quartet of Davy Crockett's (l to r Boot hill Miniatures , Old Glory , ? can't remember and Dixon). The problem with the Texan War of Independence is everybody concentrates on the Alamo forgetting the other actions which are probably more interesting and don't mention to a Texan that Crockett died anything but a hero's death (A La John Wayne) as they get VERY annoyed !. 

Generalissimo Santa Anna and staff (in period type photo) . I played it a lot at the time but being a 'wargaming butterfly' I moved on and the figures got pushed under the wargaming table and got forgotten . I was having a clear out of books and rules I wasn't going to use/read again when I came across the rules and was overcome by waves of nostalgia , so I sat down with a cup of tea (and biscuits) and re-read them , they are simple enough but lack a robust morale system maybe . So I thought I should give them another go . The figures could do with sprucing up and there are a fair few needing painting (isn't there always!?) I don't think I need to buy any new figures for this project (Huzza !). So I will chart my progress in this old/new period over the coming weeks . 

Saturday 7 April 2018

Wargaming Humour No. 27

But tinged with regret knowing there's no more to paint ? (and ignoring the hundreds of unpainted figures hidden in boxes) . Shamelessly pinched off the Internet .

Sunday 1 April 2018

Local History .

I was told by my father that there was a tank on display in my home town of Kendal to commemorate the First World War and it was cut up for scrap during the Second World War . I always wondered where it was displayed and what sort it was ? and I was overjoyed when somebody put this photo on a local historical groups page on Facebook . It's next to the river on Aynam Road on the Putting Green (which I can just remember as a child) and it's a Mark IV 'Female' type armed with machineguns in smaller sponsons . What a shame it had to be scrapped for World War Two .