Sunday 30 January 2022

Lord of the Isles .

It's been a while since I posted any painting projects , partly due to me not doing much painting and house renovations/decorating . However I've had these figures in store for quite awhile , they are to be my new army for 'Lion Rampant' - Islemen  consisting of 2 Men at Arms groups , 2 Fierce Warbands and an Archer unit . First up is one of the Fierce Warbands representing the mercenary Gallowglas employed by the Lord of the Isles . They are a mixture of 28mm  Perry Miniatures Irish and Antediluvian Miniatures .

Here's another view of the warband - I need to paint up another one in the future .

One of the two Men at Arms groups these are from Antediluvian Miniatures .

The second of the Men at Arms groups with the Lord of the Isles himself - again Antediluvian Miniatures . They have based these figures of the Lewis Chessmen - a set of chess pieces carved in ivory in the early 12th century .

I hope to get the remaining units done in the next week or so - real life permitting .


Tuesday 25 January 2022

The signature of the great man himself .

A couple of days ago the Featherstone book I ordered arrived , whilst I admit the contents are of limited interests (except for maybe a budding ballerina) it's main worth is the collecting aspect and the fact it has his signature on the title page . I'm not a collector of autographs normally but this was a man who has had a great influence on my life . Incidently my older sister as a youngster collected autographs the pride of place in the collection being Tommy Trinder (it was a long time ago) (a BBC radio comedian - to save you Googling him) . Also of interest is that he wrote a whole series of books on the prevention and treatment of back injuries . (click on the photo to enlarge it ) .

It also has an interesting biography of the author on the back of the book cover which mentions his literary career and his books on history and hobbies (no mention of wargaming) (again click on the photo to enlarge it)


Sunday 16 January 2022

Donald Featherstone, one of his lesser know titles .

On Man of Tin blog – Toy soldiers, gaming, Imagi-Nations ( There is an article about Donald Featherstone and his time as a physio at Southampton F.C. and this got me thinking - "I'm sure I've read somewhere he did a book on dancing injuries ? " - I've got to that point in life when I can make things up and start believing in them myself (dementia anyone ?!) so I did a bit of 'Googling' and found the above book ! - So i didn't make it up ! - (I'm so pleased with myself) . For the sake of completeness and that it  has his autograph on the title page I've ordered it off Ebay .


Tuesday 11 January 2022

What's going on here then ?

The two new Constables at Toieland Police Station spot a strange vagrant wandering through the village, is it a simple tramp or the adventurer Richard Hannay in clever disguise ?

He approaches the Vicar Mr Collins , and asks an strange question 

He seems pleased with the answer to his question and shuffles off down the road leaving a baffled Mr  Collins behind . How significant is this information ? , perhaps we might be informed sometime in the near future !?.


Friday 7 January 2022

The last and the first .


These rather scabby figures were the last purchased off Ebay in 21 

and the first painted in 22 . They are solid cast figures , not sure who made them , homecast maybe ? . Hopefully appearing on the tabletop soon .

Monday 3 January 2022

Saturday 1 January 2022

Trouble in Toieland , a Christmas Game (finale) .


The 'Red Army' Hussars charge the Wurtemburgers .

But are driven off by a close range volley ( 'Blue Army' played a couple of cards from their hand )

Meanwhile in the center the  Potsdam Grenadiers are caught in a crossfire from the 'Red Army' Naval Brigade and the Rifles .

The 'Church Roof Committee ' take cover in the tower of the church .

The Artist Rifles (Performing Arts Own) complete their flank march around the church to appear on the flank/rear of 'Blue Army' .

With casualties rising and finding themselves outflanked the Potsdam Grenadiers are forced to fall back . 'Blue Army' has lost the fight and retires from the battle , a victory for 'Red Army' ! . A very enjoyable game played over the Christmas holidays , once again 'A Gentleman's War' delivers a fun game .