Thursday 29 June 2017

Applying Paint .

After some delays when 'real life' got in the way I've started to get some more Russian infantry done , doing them first because they're the easiest - thank heavens for brown greatcoats !. The figures are Stretlets and have some rather odd poses in the box which hopefully won't be to noticeable when they're all done and based . 

Monday 26 June 2017

Getting The Next Batch Ready.

Having got my painting table somewhat cleaned off it is time to prepare the next figures for painting . Decided it was time to revisit my plastic Crimea project , I am going to do another Highland regiment and a Russian battalion . The Highlanders were a gift from the gallant 'Conrad Cinch' and had been already snipped off their sprue and had hardly any flash at all , the Russians however were still on their sprue and boy do Stretlets make it hard to get them off - two broken knife blades later (and much cursing) I finally got them ready for spraying a black undercoat , which will be done this afternoon before summer vanishes for the rest of the week .

Friday 23 June 2017

A Potpourri From The Painting Table.

Here are a selection of models I've painted in the last couple of weeks , a bit of a mixture as I'm trying to clear up some of the things that have been on my 'to do' list . First a selection of markers for  my 'Test of Honour' Samurai skirmish game , they are Perry Miniatures .

The Six Samurai - the other one must be on holiday , again Perry Miniatures for 'Test of Honour' .

Hodge interrupts the photo shoot , trying to ingratiate himself after being cursed for killing and eating a baby bird .

American Civil War early war Militia, Perry Miniatures once again - think I have been  contributing to the Perry retirement fund of late .

Mars plastic TYW light artillery , these have been waiting to get painted for ages . This set of figures got a right slating on the 'Plastic Soldier Review' , but I don't think they have come out to bad , sadly the double barrelled gun may be fictitious but I don't care ! .

Sunday 18 June 2017

Painting 'Al Fresco' .

Been rather warm of late ( well for the U.K. ) and so I took the dog out for a quick walk at Five this morning , when we got back we decided to go to the coast for a walk before it got to hot . After our walk we had breakfast at Mc Donald's - if you think their burgers are naff you should try their breakfasts - how can somebody make a balls up of bacon and eggs !? . On returning home I decided to paint some figures outside on the patio , not that good an idea on reflection the light was a bit 'glarey ' and the paint kept drying out even on my 'wet palette', however it is summer so you have to make the most of it .

The livestock seek shelter under the table .

Friday 16 June 2017

Re- Setting Time .

This morning I was alarmed to find the dog had gone missing from the back garden , further investigation found him on next doors lawn eating some crusts of bread thrown out for the birds ( being a Spaniel he is convinced that he is on the point of starvation ) , I retrieved him then started to puzzle how he had got over the fence ? , it was surely to high for him to jump ?! - in fact when my wife takes him to Dog Agility training they have to lower the hurdles for him .

As I sat puzzling about this I saw him sneak off to the top of the garden , so I quietly crept up on him to find him balancing on the Sun Dial ready to repeat his jump using it as a platform to escape to food . So I thought I will have to move it further away from the fence . Now the Sun Dial has been in place for about 25 years and in that time it has grown heavier or I have grown weaker !? , it's quite a substantial piece of Limestone which came from a house we once demolished when I worked for the Council , however with a little ingenuity and quite a bit of swearing I managed to up-root it and move it to another position away from the fence . Then I had to find my compass to set the dial so that it pointed North so it would give a true time reading - well sort of - it doesn't do British Summer Time .

Having got that done I rewarded myself with tea and biscuits and a little planning for my next game .

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Border Clash ( Part 2 )

First an apology for the lack of photos for the second part of the battle , I got so engrossed in the action I forgot to take pictures. Treborian General D' Laye command ability is affected by the appearance of an enemy femme fatale .

The Treborian 'Hussars of Excellence' rout the Fetaland 'Green' Hussars and capture the bridge . The Fetaland Artillery drew a Chance Card - 'defective ammo' - Oh dear ! .

On the right flank the Treborian Reservists break after suffering heavy casualties and fail to rally .

However on the other flank the British Legione safe behind the cover of a wall slaughter the advancing Fetaland infantry . This about ended  the battle in favour of the Treborian force and without the support of their artillery they were forced to retire leaving the bridge in Treborian hands . It has been a while since I got these figures on the table and I had forgot how much fun they are , it was interesting using the Chance Cards  which added a new dimension to the battle.

Monday 12 June 2017

Border Clash (part 1)

I have decided to set up a game using my 40mm Balkanish Imagination collection. Here we see the border of Trebonia and Fetaland which is marked by the Bug River , negotiations have broke down between the two countries over the issue of a 'hard' or 'soft' border and so both sides have dispatched local forces to capture the vital bridge over the river.

A rustic shepherd views the Fetaland forces in the distance .

The Fetaland General Stavros takes up position to direct his forces , his staff wear traditional Feta costumes .

The Treborian General D'Laye takes cover behind a stout stone wall .

The Treborian 'Hussars of Excellence' move up swiftly towards the bridge.

The Fetaland infantry move forward in open order , the are the 1st Batt. of the 4th Infantry Regt. Fetaland has a small but well trained army in the French model.

On the first move Treboria draws a chance card which may prove useful on future moves.

Treborian infantry move onto the table , here we see the 'British Legione' in their anachronistic uniforms*.

The Feta artillery arrives , French '75s' .

The Treborian reservists move up past the Temple of Diana, on their left the 'Alicia' Dragoons dismount and move up in open order.

The 4th Fetaland infantry open fire causing casualties on the advancing Reservists .

The 'Hussars of Excellence' dash for the bridge but the Fetaland 'Green' Hussars also are moving up to take possession of it . Part 2 to follow .......
*The Treborian Government did a arms deal with the British for what they thought was state of the art uniforms and equipment but instead received surplus Crimean War uniforms , to save face the Treborians raised the 'British Legione' ,  it was to be recruited from ex British servicemen but in fact it ended up with a mish mash of undesirables . The Treborian Minister of War disappeared with a large sum of money shortly after this disaster .

Saturday 10 June 2017

Wargaming Humour No. 27

Found on the inter web - dedicated to my wargaming colleague 'A' who is sooo nerdy when it comes to tanks .

Friday 9 June 2017

Thinking The Unthinkable .

I've been thinking ! * I have SYW both in 30mm Spencer Smith and 40mm Prince August home-casts both designed for play Old School battles , the reason for this is that I started doing SYW with the 30mm Spencer Smith using Grant's rules and then discovered the thrill of home-casting 40mm .

Off late I have been thinking this is a bit of an over-kill and started wondering about turning one of these collections into more main stream gaming using 'Black Powder' rules which I enjoy playing in other eras and collections .

The problem is which one ? , I can see that both ranges have their advantages and disadvantages - I would turn each Infantry Battalion into 2 Battalions on five bases for BP and the Cavalry into half Regiments .

There would be enough figures in each existing organisation to do this with maybe extra Standard Bearers needed . It would mean re basing (shock horror !) , but the 30mm are based on pennies and you can get sabot bases in MDF for them to fit into , the 40mm are mainly on bases of 6 figures which would mean more work however I could easily cast up any extra figures myself . Hmmm ! I need to take the dog for a walk to think about this .
* when I was at work and somebody said " I've been thinking" my work mate Arty Buchanan used to say - " you are more likely to get into trouble thinking than not thinking"

Saturday 3 June 2017

Pain Purifies The Wargaming Soul ( The Mug Says It All)

These figures ( Polish Light Cavalry ) have been lurking on my painting table for months , their other six comrades were glued up and painted months ago - but the were total pains to put together. So these have languished unloved as other newer figures and projects pushed in front . It's been really nice weather of late and the patio furniture has appeared to celebrate this sunshine .

So feeling virtuous I thought I would get them done , time had healed the trauma I had suffered getting their compatriots battle ready . I like Mars figures but this set is an absolute swine to get the riders to fit the horses and just to make things worse they were heavily flashed ! . However I have triumphed ! I got the b****y riders to fit  with massive amounts of cutting of the horses flanks and the copious use of 'green stuff' . Quite pleased with myself (even though the muttered language was excessively bad) and having returned to my usual sunny disposition are going to get them painted up. Postscript .........

Well I've got them painted bit like 'turning a sow's ear into a silk purse' , but they haven't turned out to badly with a couple of coats of thick gloss varnish to cover up the flaws .