Thursday 31 July 2014

Silk Purses from Sow's Ears .

A few years ago I purchased off EBay a LARGE amount of plastic Spencer Smith ACW  plastic figures , rather cheaply as well and if I remember rightly belonging to  the renowned wargamer Stuart Asquith . My idea was to recreate the Battle of the Platteville Valley from Featherstones book and use his rules to play it . I have been slowly painting the armies up and am down to the last 2 infantry regiments to paint (got the other 10 done - but only 1 cavalry unit out of 4 ) , so when I came across the box of figures I thought I should at least get the infantry done ( actually the bottom of the box fell out and several hundred plastic figures cascaded to the floor ! which resulted in much blasphemy and having to find a new shoe box for them ). I started to clean them up - and remembered why it had taken so long to get this project finished , they being plastic have mould lines that need removing - a lot of them have been painted - or started being painted by their previous owner and this has obscured the flash , I started cleaning them - it say something about my fortitude to get them finished and glued to coins . Hmm I'm sure they will look better once sprayed black !? .Too be continued............ P.S there are some strange colour schemes going on in this box !?

Wednesday 30 July 2014

New French Commander

First posted 12/09/12

The French have a new commander in the shape of Le Comte De Fru-Fru. here seen being shown the troop positions by the commander of the Regt. De Roi -  Lt.Col.Canonbert . The Comte has been put in charge after the Allies managed to destroy a prized cannon and plans to take the fight to enemy and show them who is boss ! ( Canonbert privately doubts the military abilities of the young C in C ). The Comte is another conversion from the basic pointing mounted command figure . The right arm being cut off and remodelled and the head cut off and refitted the other way around.

Bercheny Hussars.

First posted 09/09/12

Have cast and painted up some cavalry for the French in the shape of the Hussars Bercheny.

These are slightly more rotund than the older Holger Erikson figures and a bit harder to cast , the molds needed a few vents cutting into them to make sure the metal flowed to the extremities of the molds .

The Officer is from a different mold to mark him out and the Trumpeter is a conversion from the same casting.

I cast the figure removed the sword and arm and repositioned the arm , pinning it and using 'green stuff' for the joint . I then cast up a mounted trumpeter figure cut off the trumpet and hand and affixed to the Hussar . Then I  painted him - at this point I was very proud of myself -but 'pride cometh before the fall' and in this case literally - I dropped the figure on the floor and the horses ankles (fetlocks or whatever horses call their ankles) snapped off !. I leave it to my readers imagination as to the language at this point (my wife covered the younger cats ears up). But necessity being the mother of invention, when I had calmed down I drilled through the base and inserted a bit of brass rod , I then drilled a hole in the horses stomach and cut the rod to size and glued all together, a touch of green paint and a drop more varnish and all is well !

Monday 28 July 2014

Aides de Camp.

Whilst sorting out my 40mm SYW-ish figures I decided my armies command groups looked a bit sparse - just the CinC and another mounted Officer , so I thought I'd add a dashing Aide de Camp to each army. This of course enabled me to spend time searching through various Hussar uniforms to find a couple of exotic ones to paint up . The figure on the left above is a Officer of the Prussian Belling Hussars for the Allies and the one on the right a Russian of the Slobodskiy Regiment of Hussars to aid the French Commander. The figures are a couple of Nurnberger Meisterzinn figures I had left over slightly converted by cutting their swords away and filing to look like a dispatch being carried in the hand..

Friday 25 July 2014

Brrrr! - It's Cold Here !.

Been on my hands and knees under my wargaming table looking for a lost dice when I found an old box and in it my collection of Flintloque Fantasy figures . I haven't seen them for about 15/16 years and had quite forgotten about them .Flintloque is a fantasy skirmish Napoleonic game with Elves as the French , Orcs as the British etc . The rules are simple enough and the figures are a bit like 'Marmite' - you either love them or hate them !, these figures came from a boxed set called 'Deadloque' which was about the retreat from Moscow . The figures are full of character and a joy to paint - I found a lot unpainted and think I will paint some of them up and even maybe have a game or two .

Zombie Cossacks ! whatever next !!!

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Comte De Fru-Fru's coach is ready !

I have finally got the coach and horses painted , was a bit stumped as to what colour scheme to do so had a look at various 'Google' images of coaches and came up with the above one - sort of 'Lord Mayor of London meets Cinderella . The coach is made by Irregular in their 42mm range.

The Comte is very pleased with the finished result and his friend Voltaire is enthusiastic (and secretly hopes he will get a ride in it )

I hope to cast up a couple of suitable figures to add to it as footmen .

Voltaire's  manservant 'Wee Jockie' (late of the Royal Ecosse Reg.) has his own opinion of the coach ! .
* it is magnificent but it is not war - having only 'Del Boy's' grasp of French I find it annoying when people put French quotes without a translation.

Sunday 20 July 2014

Bolt Action Photos.

Was going to do a photo report on the various Bolt Action WW2 games I have been playing but the usual thing happened - as the game hotted up I forgot to take photos ! . Here we see 'A' playing a master stroke as we battle for the control of the radio station in the middle of the board .

The table from my side , the bomb craters are Warhammer 40K moon craters - the building by 4Ground excellent and prepainted but a swine to put together !

My American Airborne MMG opens fire !.

And the Light Howitzer as well !.

The German Fallschirmjager sensibly take cover .

German snipers and F.A.O. hid in the destroyed house.

German Fallschirmjager MMG hide in the edge of a wood - but have been fired upon and have received 2 pin markers which hampers their ability to carry out orders and hit successfully .

A German squad moves across a corn field to take cover by the hedge line .

But are spotted and strafed by American air power .

One of the problems with photographing WW2 is that the figures are so camouflaged that they disappear into the scenery . This squad has a 'Run' order on their dice .

I'm afraid the above photos are a bit mixed up and are from several different games . I am enjoying the 'Bolt Action' rules - simple to play and very handy for soloing as the unit dice are drawn randomly from the bag , I've been playing the scenarios from the rule book which last 6 moves (50%chance of a 7th move) have a definite objective and victory conditions and so give a quick satisfying game.

Thursday 17 July 2014

Comte De Fru-Fru's New Coach.

After a struggle I have got General the Comte De Fru-Fru's coach built . The parts did not fit well together ! - there was much bad language and super glue on fingers . However it is completed and under coated ready for the Comte to decide what colour it is to be painted - there is much discussion on the subject !.

Voltaire's manservant 'Wee Jockie' has his own opinion on the subject of the coach - which he wisely keeps to himself !.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Franco-Prussian War dismounted Dragoons

Have got the dismounted Prussian Dragoons painted , these are Foundry figures . One of my grouches about wargaming figures is that rarely do companies do a good selection of dismounted cavalry figures - if they do any at all ! , even the ACW does not have a great selection of them (the Perry's only do 2 packs in their vast range) . So Foundry are to be praised that they do some dismounted figures for the FPW , they only do one pose per type which for O.S. is not a problem - looks like they are taking a dog for a walk !. I have some Prussian Hussars to do next .

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Dawn Attack (Parte The Seconde)

(First posted on the 02/09/12)

The Allied force moves forward in the pre-dawn dark . I diced for each unit as it moved - 1,2 it moved to the left - 3,4 moved straight ahead - 5,6 it moved to the right . this represented them losing their way in the dark . This caused some confusion in the Allied ranks, the gunners from Scheither's Frei Korps especially getting wildly lost. The French sentries were also diced for each move 1,2 move 6" to the right 5,6 to the left. The above photo shows Scheither's Jaegers capturing the objective and the French sentries running off to alert their comrades.
Voltaire who is staying at the local inn is alerted by a sentry as he takes his morning chocolate.
French reinforcements start to arrive . I diced for each unit for it to arrive - 6 to arrive on the first move , 5,6 the second move etc. I also diced for their point of arrival.
Unfortunately the French arrived at the same position and at the same time , this caused some confusing  as they tried to deploy under fire from the Allies.
The gunners finaly reach their objective and prepare to lay the incendiary device.
The French start taking casualties from the Allied firing lines .
The Grenadier company is hit hard and loses all its command in one disastrous round of shooting , General Karlsberg has to take control of the unit to stop it running away . Voltaire try's to encourage the French gunners to retake their gun.
The gunners lay the charge and prepare to ignite it , the Grenadiers are ordered to retire.
The French forces try and outflank the the Allies .
But to late, the gun is destroyed ! .A futile attempt by Voltaire to douse the flames with his chocolate is doomed to failure . The Allies have completed their mission (although they did not get anywhere near the gunpowder store) , but at a cost, they suffered heavy officer casualties to achieve it. The French also suffered heavy casualties and are thirsting for revenge !.

Dawn Attack .

(First posted on 29/08/12)

The British and their allies are keen on taking revenge on the French after loosing the last battle so they decide to attack a French artillery piece that has been making a nuisance of itself  . The attack will take place just before daybreak .

Hmm ! that's realistic but not much good to illustrate the scene of the action .
That's better . The Allies are on the left and comprise of the Grenadier Company and Lt Grant's Company of the 20th Regt. of Foote. The lead is being taken by Scheither's Jaeger company. The mission is to destroy the gun and set fire to the ammunition store behind it.
The objective . I cast the three sentry's up especially for this game .(ah ! the joys of home casting) they will move on a random dice throw and alert the camp when the enemy come within 9" of one of them.
The Allied force is commanded by Gen. H. Von Karlsberg (Col. Barker was wounded in the last game and is indisposed) They also have a Officer and gunner from Scheither's FreiKorps who have a 'Infernal device' to destroy the gun . Too be continued.......

Friday 11 July 2014

Frei Korp Artillery

(First posted on 27/08/12)

Have got the artillery section of Scheither's Frei Korps done.
I decided to use the other gun casting from Prince August , with which the barrel and body are cast as one . Maybe not as nice a model as the newer one but adds a bit of variety.

Homemade Cavalry

(First posted 19/08/12)

Finished the cavalry contingent of Scheither's Frei Korp.

These are the Karabiniere's and are a type of light cavalry .

As I could find no references to the uniform for musicians I took the liberty of simply reversing the colours . Now the Allies have some cavalry my next casting session will be some Hussars for the French.

Thursday 3 July 2014

Painted Voltaire

(Originally posted on 14/08/12)

Here we have Voltaire and his man servant 'Wee Jocky' (late of the Royal Ecossais)

No many colour illustrations of Voltaire I'm afraid, so had to make a guess at colour scheme .

Voltaire and Wee Jocky watch the Chasseurs De Sombreuil go through their manoeuvres . Voltaire's thoughts on light infantry tactics were not well received in French military circles and copies of his pamphlet ' Mes reflexions sur L'utilisation De L'infanterie Legere' are very hard to come by !.