Wednesday 27 February 2019

Coehorn Mortar With Crew And Transport.

Finally getting through the backlog of painted figures that needed finishing off . First up is the Coehorn mortar and crew for which I did some conversion work on the figures .

The mortar needs some transport and it seems they just used a light cart to carry it around . The cart is a MDF model , the horse a spare plastic one and the driver a converted Lowlander . 

The completed group, the gunners are converted Imex AWI artillerymen , rather pleased how this has turned out and it's a bit different from the usual run of the mill artillery .

Monday 25 February 2019

The Argyll Militia

Rather than just having red coated Line infantry to represent the Government forces I decided to have some of the of the Argyll Militia that were raised by Archibald Campbell 3rd Duke of Argyll . These were not uniformed but wore a black cockade and a red cross on their bonnets . 

The figures are by Red Box  from their Militia and Loyalist troops  ,  my hand was not steady enough to paint crosses, so I just gave them red cockades instead . They took part in some of the smaller actions and raids but tended to be kept out of the way in the main battles to prevent confusion with the enemy Highlanders . I'm putting the finishing touches to the first of my Government Line Regiments .

Saturday 23 February 2019

Sir John Cope .

I've got my Government C in C done - here is Sir John Cope the British Commander at Prestonpans with his ADC . There are nearly enough figures completed for a small game later this coming week .  

Friday 22 February 2019

Goverment Firepower .

The Coehorn mortar was used frequently for field actions during the Jacobite rebellions , at Glen Shiel in 1719 and at Prestonpans and Culloden , it was popular because it was light and easily transportable plus it's high trajectory was ideal  for shelling targets on the steep glens in Scotland . 

I thought I must have one for my Government forces . Of course nobody does one in 1/72nd scale , I am going to use the Imex AWI British gunners for my artillery crews and their gun looks like a small howitzer - so I cut one up - removing the wheels , trail etc and mounted it on a thin piece of MDF to look like a Coehorn . The crew have been given larger cuffs and coat tails using 'green stuff' to make them look more in period . I'm afraid the photo doesn't show thing very well I will post a photo when they're painted .

Thursday 21 February 2019

A Slight Deviation .

I had the table set up for a TSATF N.W. Frontier game ( Then I remembered my old gaming pal 'R' was calling round , since he moved to the deep South I don't see him very often so whilst visiting family up here he was calling for a game . Not wishing to force my eccentricities on other people (TSATF isn't for everyone) I converted the table from the N.W of Indian to the N.W of Italy and we played a game set in the Italian wars of Independence 1860ish .

We used 'Black Powder' a set of rules we both know and I was the Austrians and 'R' was the Piedmontese . It was an encounter game between to advance guard forces trying to capture the bridge over the river . 'R' got there first with his Lancers and drove off my Hussars whilst his infantry moved up .

It was a quick and eventful game but due to my poor leadership values of my Generals I struggled to respond to his attacks and soon the casualties mounted up (the red counters) and my force fell apart before my reinforcements could arrive  , a great game even though I lost and proves you can fight a game successfully with BP without masses of figures .

Monday 18 February 2019

The Earl Of Loudoun's Regiment Of Foote.

Have made a start on the Government forces to oppose my Jacobites . This is the Earl Of Loudoun's Regt. (64th) , there were only three weak companies at Prestonpans left guarding the baggage train but I have decided to paint up a full size unit of six bases .

The figures are from the Redbox Highland Infantry box and I think they are rather nice .

Here are the command base the flag was a nightmare to get right , there is some dispute on the colour of the regimental facings - either white or light buff - I went for buff . I'm painting up the first of the British foot next .

Sunday 17 February 2019

Return To The Rogan Josh Valley (part1)

When I'm stuck for an idea to game my default setting is something Old School and I thought it was time for another North West Frontier game using 'The Sword And The Flame' . The Imperial force is attempting to attack the troublesome Rogan Josh valley and it's way is being blocked by a force of irregular tribesmen . I diced for the starting positions of the British force and also for the Afghans .

I diced for the composition of the Afghans  from a chart I made up with ten ready made forces on it and it produced 3 bands of  irregular tribesmen  , a gun and a cavalry unit . Here we see the Afghan leader Bungit Din having a lively 'discussion' with a mysterious Russian officer whilst the Burpa tribesmen take up positions . (overtones here of Carry On Up The Khyber)

The somewhat antiquated gun is sighted on the approaching British force.

The British commander General Crawley ('Creepy' to the other ranks ) blissfully unaware of the hidden enemy awaits the rest of his force , behind him a company of the 14th Sikhs await his orders .

And here they are - 2 Companies of Gurkhas and a Mountain gun (not on the table yet) moving down the road past the chance cards and rule book .  Too be continued ……..
(PS I apologies for the non appearance of the second part of the O.S ACW game - my camera battery died on me )

Thursday 14 February 2019

Featherstone's Horse And Muskets Rules Playsheet.

Thought it might be an good idea to post the playsheet for the rules I'm using for my ACW game at the moment . This sheet was originally for my Franco-Prussian forces - hence the reference to the artillery types . The only difference from the original rules is the artillery casualties which I have modified from medium and long ranges . (click on photos to enlarge)

I also dice for who goes first each move , move first fire second .

Tuesday 12 February 2019

The Battle Of Pleasant Valley (Part 1). (What's On The Table At The Moment)

Having a game using my 30mm O.S. ACW Spencer Smith figures, a small force of Federal Cavalry and Infantry are trying to reach and cut the Virginia Pike which is held by a Rebel force of Infantry . The Federal force is coming onto the table at the bottom of the photo . (click on photo to enlarge)

Rush's Pennsylvania Lancers and Horse Artillery move onto the board . I am using Featherstones Horse and Musket rules and the game will last eight moves.

Garnett's Brigade deployed by the Virginia Mansion , Sawmill Hill is behind them .

The Rebel artillery on the slopes of Sawmill Hill opens fire ! 

And is on target ! causing casualties on the Lancers as they pass the Quaker Meeting House.

Rebel reinforcements, the Virginia Black Cavalry .

A period shot of the Federal Infantry (Mead's Brigade) moving onto the table . 

Friday 8 February 2019

Poor Johnny Cope.

I've decided to model my Jacobite armies on the Battle of Prestonpans 1745 , so for my Government general I will need a model for Sir John Cope , pictured above about twenty years earlier than the fateful day . (seemingly the only portrait Google has of him).

Poor Johnny Cope remembered for just this one disaster , prior to this his military career had been rather successful , he was made a Knight of the Bath (KB) for his service at the battle of Dettingen but at Prestonpans was badly let down by his rather lacklustre army . I've always been one for the underdog so I thought I would have to have him as my commander.

The next problem was to find a suitable figure , nobody does any mounted figures for this conflict and for the Government Dragoons I am going to use Zvezda Dragoons of Peter the Great from their Great Northern War range . Looking through their box I came across a mounted Guidon bearer - a figure which will not be of any use in British employment so cutting the standard away and carving the attached belt away I left enough to be a marshal's baton to represent General Cope . I am also going to use another mounted Officer as an Aide De Camp - he was firing a pistol to one side which was not useful so I trimmed it away so that he looks like he's pointing ( "OMG ! look at all those Highlanders !" ) . I'm also cleaning up my first regiment of Government Foot and seeing it's stopped raining will get them sprayed with an undercoat of black .

Monday 4 February 2019

Lord George Murray .

Got my first personality base done in the shape of the Jacobite commander Lord George Murray , above is a contemporary painting of the gentleman , how effective a commander he was can be argued about , personally brave he managed to fall out with the rest of the Highland army officer corps as he was not good at following orders or listening to others ideas and opinions.

The great man in miniature - he and his piper are from the command sprue from the 'Red Box' Militia and Lowland troops box . Busy finishing the first Government regiment  Loudoun's 64th Foote .