Wednesday 28 July 2021

Strip Club .

At the moment lots of my fellow bloggers are busy stripping the paint off and renovating old figures and having purchased a few from eBay I've got around to cleaning some up . I've used bleach in the past and Dettol - last time I used some 'own brand' supermarket stuff that didn't work at all - far to weak and diluted , so this time I'm back to the real stuff ! .

Some of the finished figures smelling very clinical , three of the figures have heads that have been repaired with matchsticks and came away in the cleaning process , so they will need repairing before undercoating .

I hate to think of the lead/chemical content of the old paint on these figures, pretty toxic I would say looking at my glove and gunged up tooth brush . It was at this point in the cleaning process whilst using bleach as a stripper I managed to splash it allover a good tee shirt and inadvertently 'tie dyed' it - hence reverting to Dettol - and yes I did clean the sink up ! .



  1. Those are some nice looking cowboys you've got there Tony! Could they come to the rescue in the Patio-gonian campaign perhaps?