Sunday 31 May 2015

A Blast From The Past ! .

During my recent clear out I came across my Necromunda collection , there has been a thread on the 'Lead Adventure' site commemorating the 20th anniversary of this game - 20 years - good Lord ! is it that long ago !? . This was a boxed game that came with plastic figures and some rather nice clip together terrain . It was set in the grim world of Games Workshop's 40 K and involved various types of gangs trying to claim riches and fortune in a campaign system - a sort of 'Mad Max' without the vehicles. I played it a lot ! as the rules were relatively simple and the gangs gained personalities as the campaign progressed . Above is my 'Esher' (?) girl gang .

The gangs varied in sophistication , above the high tech 'Spyrer' gang , with some of the mutant rats that inhabited the ruins on the table. I was really into it and at one time had a circular 4' table made from a old aluminium road sign 'borrowed' from work which could be rotated on a turntable ! - the secret was to have lots of terrain to hid in . Sadly most of the terrain has been thrown away as storage became a problem.

This underworld was lived in by all sorts of mutants and strange creatures and came from a period when Games Workshop seemed to produce more interesting and varied games . I was going to sell these figures but now I'm wondering if I should get back into Necromunda ? - all the figures are painted but I would need some suitable terrain - going to see if I came find the rule books and have a look at them . (click on photos to enlarge)

Wednesday 27 May 2015

A Bit Fiddly.

One of the first problems with 'Wellington in India' is the lack of command figures for the British . Everybody does mounted Napoleonic British Generals but nobody does a version of Wellington in his early career in India , the Officers didn't wear the cocked hat - it being far to hot and sunny and it seems they used wide brimmed hats in either felt or straw - as above . 'A' had been using some ordinary Minifigs British Generals but being a nerd and a glutton for punishment I decided to try and convert some. 

Years ago converting figures was a common practise but now you can get any figure you want people don't seem to do it as much . I noticed that there were a few spare British infantry in the box of unpainted figures 'A' had given me so I decided to cut off their heads and replace the mounted General's heads with them. A long time ago I can remember reading in the Airfix magazine that the best way to swap heads on figures was to cut a V down into the chest area on both figures as this ensures a better and stronger fit . So carefully with my trusty razor saw I started operating on a couple of figures as seen in the above figures - Wellington (blacked up ready for painting), a Brigadier (same head but the plume removed) , a Aide De Camp (was carrying bicorne hat - but I replaced it with a 'Green stuff' one) and in the front one of the donor figures . This was rather fiddly and I wouldn't want to repeat it on a large number of figures but I think it will be worth it when I get them painted up.

Sunday 24 May 2015

Wheeling And Dealing .

One of the advantages of going away on holiday is that it allows me to sort of step back from the hobby and think about where I'm going with it , I tend not to do much 'navel gazing' on the subject but now and again it focuses my mind to what I want to do in the future. I decide there were certain figures and rules I was not going to use again and announced to my circle of wargaming colleagues that they were for sale/swap and was pleased to say that there was much interest shown !. I managed to dispose of a few boxed games and several collections of figures , one of the deals struck was with wargaming colleague 'A' which resulted in me becoming the proud new owner of his 'Wellington in India' collection . Its not often I buy painted figures but was very impressed with his rendition of this period .

The collection is mainly made up of 15mm Minifigs and a few FreiKorp figures thrown in , above are some of the Mahratta regular infantry and battalion guns . They had quite a few battalions of these well trained by the French and commanded by them .

They have an impressive array of artillery as well. 

They have lots of poor quality light cavalry .

They also have some slightly better quality regular cavalry .

The British have East India Company Sepoy regiments and a couple of British regular battalions .

They have a good selection of artillery pieces which were allocated to individual units as battalion guns and to the cavalry as 'gallopers'.

The British have mainly EIC cavalry with only one regular British unit . They are based up for use with 'Black Powder' and 'A' kindly supplied me with his home crafted 'playsheet' with the 'stats' for the troop types. There is also the inevitable box of unpainted miniatures  (which no collection is complete without !) that will enable me to expand the armies . I very pleased with my new period and have started reading Jac Weller's 'Wellington in India' to gain more insight into this interesting period.

Monday 18 May 2015

I've Been On Holiday.

Been away for a few days staying on a campsite near Bamburgh in Northumberland , well we didn't camp, we stayed in a 'wigwam' which looked like a overturned boat as we took the dog as well so we thought it would be easier. Had several brisk walks taking in Dunstandburgh Castle and St Cuthbert's Cave .

Mrs K and Charlie outside our hut .

Dunstandburgh Castle and cows. The weather was fine although a little bracing . Not much in the modelling/wargaming line whilst there but I did manage to get a couple of 'Cadfeal' books from a charity shop.

Charlie makes himself at home , by and large his behaviour was good with only one slip when he stole a walkers sandwich ,who luckily thought it amusing (the rumours that I am training him to steal expensive cameras and watches is untrue) .

Saint Cuthbert's cave - rather eerie ! . This trip was not helped by me forgetting my camera and having to resort to using my phone to take photos , there were lots of interesting WW2 pillboxes on the coast but sadly the photos I took of them were very poor (probably my fault rather than the cameras) . A relaxing break but back now to start painting up the hordes of wargaming figures that need painting. 

Friday 15 May 2015

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (Finale)

Treborian reinforcements charge into the enemy to save the day .

A vicious melee takes place - and the Fetaland infantry is forced to retire .

The Fetaland Artillery hits the Steam Coach and blocks the road.

The Fetaland artillery's shooting improves - just as it runs out of ammo !.

The Fetaland infantry reform , but are now out numbered .

With their forces having taken heavy casualties the Fetaland forces decide to fall back . The El-Gin Marbles are safe ! .

H.G.Wells and Polly Perkins are safe, although a little shaken !. Inspector Zapp leads them to safety.

Inspired by their adventure H.G. Wells falls into discussion with Inspector Zapp .

The Inspector is a keen collector of Miniature Figurines .

And that is how H.G. Wells came to write ' Small Wars'
'Little Wars'

Thursday 14 May 2015

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (3)

The Fetaland Green Hussars gallop to intercept the Steam Coach .

The Treborian Dragoons counter charge and a furious melee takes place.

The Fetaland Hussars are driven off - but at a cost and the Fetaland Infantry close in on the convoy.

With their escape route  blocked the party abandon the Steam Coach .

Luckily reinforcements are rushing to help .

On the other flank the Garibaldi Volunteers open fire on the Treborian Infantry.

Unfortunately they get the worse of it and retreat (bad luck is ever the fate of newly painted figures in their first battle). They were NOT helped by the poor and erratic shooting of the Fetaland Artillery!.

The depleted Treborian Dragoons make a suicidal charge into the threatening Fetaland Infantry , as the Treborian Mounted Police rush up to protect the Dignitaries . The game hangs in the balance ! . To be continued...

Wednesday 13 May 2015

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (2)

With the El-Gin Marbles loaded on the steam waggon the party prepare to leave the Temple complex , when a report comes that Fetaland forces are on the way !.

Garibaldi Volunteers move through the high ground overlooking El-Gin intent on preventing the Marbles from being removed.

More Fetaland troops move onto the table . (arrival locations and timings diced for)

There is a problem with the Steam Coach.

Luckily Treborian reinforcements are on the way.

Treborian Infantry move to assist the party (again locations and arrival times were diced for).

The Steam Coach gets moving and the Mounted Police fan out in skirmish order to protect it , their fire causes the first Fetaland casualty.

Will the Treborian convoy escape ?, will the reinforcements arrive in time ?,  can Fetaland prevent the loss of the precious marbles ? . Too be continued..... 

Saturday 9 May 2015

The Curious Case of H.G.Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (1)

I am slowly trying to re-publish some of my articles from my demised blog (thank you once more Blogger gerr!!) and give them a bit of a re-vamp, improve the photos etc , so here is the first episode of  'The Curious Case of H.G.Wells and the El-Gin Marbles' . All the figures are Irregular 42mm and a few model railway figures off EBay

To curry favour with the British Government to help in their cause against Ferraro Rocca and Fetaland , the Treborian Government has decided to present a series of Marble panels from the ancient temple of El-Gin . Mr H.G.Wells who was on holiday in the area has been honoured to receive them on behalf of Britain . Here he is seen beside the temple with his - err 'traveling companion' Miss Polly Perkins , the Treborians have given the job of guarding the party to Inspector Zapp and a detachment of Mounted Police .

Things are going well and after a alfresco meal the marbles are loaded.

The Temple at El-Gin is dangerously near the border of Fetaland and is judged to belong to them not Treboria.

Suddenly a local old woman appears and remonstrates with the party .

The party hurry to their transport - startled by the old woman . Will the party manage to leave without incident ? , is there any truth in the old woman's curses ? . Too be continued ......
(The El-Gin Marbles are still in storage at the British Museum and have not been on general display due to their somewhat- Hmm err- delicate err shall we say 'racy' nature !) .(click on the photos to enlarge them)

Thursday 7 May 2015

The Regiment Von Zastrow Troops It's Colours.

With my painting being concentrated on other projects it rather slipped my mind that I'd finally finished of my Brunswick battalion , so I thought I would take a few photos as they went through some drill book manoeuvres . Here we see them marching on in a column of route , with the Lt. Colonel mounted in the lead , Officers and Drummers at the head of each company , Sergeants to the flank with the Colours and Major behind the first company . The parade is being overseen by various members of the Allied Staff .

They now form into a column of Companies , sorry for the rather dull photos - this reflects the unseasonal weather we are experiencing at the moment.

They form into line by the left . Officers and Drummers to the front of their Companies , Sergeants to the rear of them . The Colours take position in the middle of the centre Company , the Major is in front of the Regiment and the Lt. Colonel takes up a position in the rear to oversee direction .

The Regiment prepares to 'Give Fire' , the Officers move to the right of their companies and the Drummers move to the rear next to the Lt. Colonel ready to relay his orders . The Colours have retired behind the centre Company . The Major remains in front of the Regiment - until the order is given ' Give Fire' then he smartly retires through the line to the Colours .

I have been agonising over whether to go from single based figures to multi-based ones . Multi-basing is rather against the grain in my ideas of Old School SYW - but there is also the problem of practicality - bigger bases are much easier and quicker to move about - and store - the single figures seem to get very jumbled and disordered in their box files . I've decided to base the rank and file on bases of six figures - two per Company and keep the Officers, Drummers and Sergeants as single figures . Here we see a heated debate going on about the subject , Uncle Toby (centre red coat) is totally against it, but many of the younger officers like the enhanced manoeuvrability . I've just glued them to the bigger sabot bases with a dab of PVA glue so they can de removed easily if I change my mind - we will see !.