Sunday 30 July 2017

A Game At 'A's

I was invited around to 'A's for tea and a ECW wargame , his family being absent the catering was going to be 'Man Food' ! , Doritos and dip for starters and I brought a pizza for mid-game .

It was going to be a scenario based on the battle of Brentford , with Prince Rupert trying to capture the bridge to clear the way to London .

The Parliamentarians had build barricades forward of the vital bridge. We were using Pike and Shotte the Renaissance version of 'black Powder' - which worked very well and gave a quick and fast flowing game.

'A' took on the persona of Prince Rupert and brought his first couple of brigades onto the table .

'A's  ECW collection  has been built up over many years and has within it's ranks every type of figure from MiniFigs , Hinchliffe, through to the more modern Perry and Redoubt . He has been busy re basing the collection for Pike & Shotte .

I deployed my forces in depth in advance of the bridge and this brigade to hold the bridge itself.

'A's troops advanced but were held up by my advance brigade .

Because of my stubborn defence he was unable to deploy his troops to any advantage and although my advance brigade was driven off he had suffered heavy casualties and with time running out he called off the attack as more of my reinforcement moved onto the table . A victory for myself and Parliament ! . An excellent game, the rules worked well and has inspired 'A' to have more ECW games , it's nice to see these figures getting used - some of which he has had for 40 years .

The victory feast ! to celebrate my Glorious Victory ! 

Monday 24 July 2017

The Austrian Army Of 1859 .

I've started on the last of my armies for the Unification of Italy - the others being Garibaldi's Red Shirts , the Neapolitan army , the Papal army and the Sardinia/ Piedmontese . This one is the Austro-Hungarian Army who fought the Sardinians and French  in 1859  . The figures are of course Irregular - not to everyone's taste but I think they have a certain style combine with an excellent coverage of the period , cheapness and a marvellous mail order system . 

They are the Infantry Regiment No. 41 'Keller' and will be the first of two battalions for this regiment . The Austrian force will be about the same size as my other armies in this project - six units of infantry , two guns and crews and a few cavalry ( cavalry didn't seem to play a large part in the battles in Italy) . I've always been interested in the Austrians - anyone who can wear white and get away with it has my admiration (if I was to wear white the first thing I would do would be to spill yogurt or burger relish on it !) , a unit of Grenzer are next and I've just found out that the Independent Border Battalion 'Titler' had light blue jackets with red facings - a wargamers dream come true so I'll be including them in the orbat .

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Bashi Bazouks .

Coming to the end of my Crimean splurge and the last up are some Strelets Bashi Bazouks.

Mounted them two to a base rather than the more usual three to portray their light cavalry skirmish role and to accommodate the wilder figure poses .

The British recruited a lot of these to boost their numbers of cavalry - with mixed success , being called Beatson's Horse after their commander (will have to paint a suitable figure for him) . Having made inroads to the Crimean plastic mountain I'm back to painting 28mm lead now .

Thursday 13 July 2017

The 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment.

The Highlanders took longer to paint than the Russians , but were a bit more entertaining .

I had to convert a Standard Bearer as I've run out of them . The figures are of course Strelets .

Luckily you see very little tartan on the figures because of the sporrans and various bits of equipment and I just suggested the dicing on the socks and bonnets . Busy with the Turkish irregular cavalry at the moment .

Monday 10 July 2017

2nd Battalion Azovsky Regiment.

Been very productive the last week or so getting most of the Crimean figures I'd got cleaned up painted . Here is the Russian Infantry Regiment Azov , the problem with Russian Infantry is that they all look the same . 

They have painted up very quickly , I gave them a good coat of high gloss yacht varnish to seal the paint so it won't flake then a coat of matt varnish - which isn't truly matt (are they ever ?) but gives a pleasing satin finish .

Whilst I'm on a roll I've decided to do some Turkish Bashi- Bazouks to give the Turkish contingent a bit of cavalry , they are again Strelets and cleaned up fairly well , they are fixed to their horses using dress pins . Next up 42nd Highlanders .

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Border Clash ( Parte The Seconde ) .

The Saxon Garde form a column of companies as they prepare to cross the stream and capture the windmill .

The Uhlans deploy to capture the bridge .

'Jung Fritz' orders the Brunswickers to seize the windmill .

The first company of the Garde crosses the stream and opens fire on the Prussian Hussars .

Scheither's Carabiniers charge across the bridge into the Uhlans .

They drive the Uhlans back ! .

An overview of the battlefield , towards the top of the table the Brunswickers move up as the Saxons move another company across the stream to reinforce the company on the hill . The Saxon Hussars move to reinforce the Uhlans .

The lines exchange volleys - with the Saxons coming off worst .

The Hussars reinforce the melee .

Against the odds the Carabiniers drive back the combined Saxon cavalry ! .

The result is a draw and as it is the third round of the melee both sides have to retire .

The Brunswickers advance.,  get the drop on the Saxons and shoot first - causing heavy casualties , the Saxons fail the their morale test and flee ! ,. The Allies have captured the windmill ! .

The cavalry fall back to reform , but the Prussian Hussars arrive and take the bridge which was the second objective . The Saxon General decides it is time to retire as most of his army is disordered or fleeing . A convincing victory for the Allies . Using the larger ground/movement scale worked very well and sped the game along greatly , which I find is a great advantage when you are playing solo .

Sunday 2 July 2017

Border Clash ( Parte The First ).

I've been re-reading 'BAR' (Batailles de l' Ancien Regime) and decided to give them another go but this time using the larger of the two ground scales to speed the game along . The forces have to capture the two objectives - the bridge and the windmill . 

'Windy' Miller and his son don't realise they are an objective !.

The Saxon Light Cavalry is commanded by Gen. Baron G. Wrangel, a Swede in the service of the French and his force comprises of the Saxon Hussars Von Schill and the Graf Renard Ulhans .

The Allies Cavalry is commanded by General Wartenburg who is accompanied by his faithful hound 'Moritz' . Scheither's Carabiniers lead the column followed by the Prussia  Ruesch Hussars

The Saxon force's Commander in Chief is General Moutors a capable young man (in his own estimation) (and an Irregular 40mm figure).

The Allies are commanded by General 'Jung Fritz' Swartzenburg , his striking resemblance to Frederick the Great is the cause of gossip that he is an illegitimate son by a youthful dalliance at the Saxon court with a Hungarian Countess !? .

The Saxon Lieb Garde Grenadiers cut across country to the stream and try and  capture the windmill .

The Brunswick Regiment Von Zastrow also leaves the road to move towards the objectives .

The Saxon Hussars cross the bridge and deploy but are charged by the Carabiniers and driven back .

The Saxon Hussars rout but Scheither's Carabiniers are disciplined enough not to pursue ! .

General Moutors attempts to rally the Hussars ! . Too be continued.............