Monday 26 June 2023

Toy Soldiers in Art No.4

Portrait of King Karl of Wurttemburg 1835 by Franz Seraph Stirnbrand , found on the interweb.


Wednesday 21 June 2023

The unexpected appearance of the forces of Almannia .


Whilst playing my recent 40mm Imaginations game I idly had a look on eBay for 40mm figures (you rarely find any ) and I came across the above collection being sold for £20 plus postage !

Now I wasn't really going to expand my 40mm collections , but this was an offer I couldn't refuse so I quickly bought them and they arrived promptly.

They are Zinnbrigade figures by von Schildkrot (the molds are available from Berliner Zinnfiguren and once cleaned up will form the expeditionary force from Almannia 

Monday 19 June 2023

The finished whimsy.


Finally got my whimsical old couple cleaned up , painted and varnished and taking pride of place on a shelf in the conservatory .

Saturday 17 June 2023

Toy Soldiers in Art No. 3

Found on Facebook and unfortunately I can't remember which site .

Interesting figures , French 1860's ? , the other chap is studying the rules book I think .


Thursday 15 June 2023

Mc Duff's first battle (part2)


The draw of the cards had not been kind to the forces of the Sublime Porte and by the time they started to deploy their infantry they came under heavy fire from the Republican forces and the first unit's moral breaks and they retreat .

However they reply causing casualties on the Bavarian Volunteers .

Finally another Joker is drawn and Miss Marples* is escorted out of the way so the Artillery can move up - but to late it seems.

Casualties are rising for the Sublime Porte Infantry and although the gun moves up the Republic Irregulars have worked around the left flank (left of picture) and open an accurate fire onto the infantry forcing them back.

The Sublime Porte infantry move up only to be met by the rout of the Border Guards who have been shot to pieces by the Naval Machine Gun and the Regulars .

End game ! , Mc Duff has saved the day and cut the enemy to pieces ! . The Sublime Porte force had problems deploying and were shot to pieces as they came up piecemeal and although the Republican forces took casualties they were not enough to damage their moral. Another great game using 'A Gentleman's War' rules. We will see how McDuff's military career progresses in the future.

*There are persistent rumours of Miss Marples involvement  with the Secret Service  , none of which have been proven .

Monday 12 June 2023

Mc Duff's first battle (part 1)


The action kicks off with the Republican "Sportsman Rifles" (Rifle Volunteers) open fire from ambush on the leading unit of the enemy.

The Naval unit open fire on the Sublime Porte column as Lord Bygone and his Bodyguard move forward .

The Sublime Porte force advance under fire and take a steady toll of casualties.

The Lancers sweep arond the flank and charge the Helenyk Regulars who have to use the hand of held cards to turn and open fire on them.

However things go badly for the Lancers and they are bloodily repulsed ! (one of these days I will learn NOT to be impulsive with cavalry - the don't do well under AGM ) The Border Troops charge and drive the Rifle Volunteers back on the wooded hill .

And where's the Sublime Porte Artillery I hear you say ! (as well as the Sublime Porte Command wonders), held up by an eccentric English Lady inquiring on directions to her Hotel (a close up of this photo reveals that it might be Miss Jane Marples who would later become famous as an amateur sleuth)

Part 2 to follow ......

Sunday 11 June 2023

Mc Duff takes command .


Fresh from a Military career in the snowy wastes of Canada Colonel Mc Duff has taken up a position in the forces of the Republic of Helenyka . He and his small force where a kind gift from Ross Macfarlane .: A gift from the New World . ( and are seen here manning a French Mitrailleuse Machine Gun . 

His first assignment is a tough one, he has been given a motley force of Volunteers, Irregulars and only one unit of Regulars to defend a Border crossing from an incursion of the forces of the Sublime Porte , here seen on the left - Mc Duff's force is on the lower right.

The Army of the Sublime Porte move onto the tabletop - 2 units of Regular Infantry , 1 unit of Border force , a unit of Lancers and a gun and crew - enough to brush the Helenyka rabble away !

The Sublime Porte force has 'Bruiser' as an asset .

The Republican asset.

The game set up - it will last for the drawing of 4 Joker cards , so  McDuff is up against the clock . Battle report to follow .........

Thursday 8 June 2023

A Skullking Waye Of Warre.


Been playing around with the Featherston "Close War" rules and slightly adapted them for the earlier period and the first clashes between the Natives and Settlers/Explorers in the early 17th cent.. I have made the Matchlock Muskets more powerful (the Indians couldn't wait to get their hands on them) but slower to use than bows and allowed for the armour worn by the Europeans . Very much a work in progress - no morale yet - perhaps Natives retire when they loose 33% of their force and the Europeans 50% ? (click on photo to enlarge)

Wednesday 7 June 2023

A bit of whimsy.


Had these couple of figures for a while, bought cheaply as the little old man has a missing arm and both have damaged paint jobs. So I  have decided to try and repair him . I found an old Prince August arm to replace his missing one .

I drilled a hole through the shoulder of the arm , cut a notch in the elbow and CAREFULLY bent it to a right angle and glued it to the body . I'm going to immerse them in Detol overnight to strip off the old paint which is very badly damaged . I'll post again when they're cleaned up and ready for a re-paint.

Monday 5 June 2023

Toy soldiers in Art No.2


French postcard found on the internet , the model tank must date this post WW1 - 1920s/30s ?

Friday 2 June 2023

A few more 'Flint and Feather' figures.


Having finished painting up other peoples figures I got a few of my own done . A group of English Matchlock men set out to explore 'The New World' . 28mm Crucible Crush figures .

French explorers with 'Black Robe' Jesuit Priest.

Mohawk Leader Hendrick and a Great Warrior from the Wendat tribe in traditional wooden armour . I do hope to get some more of these done and find a easy set of rules to play with them.