Monday 29 April 2019

40mm Imaginations Posts From My Old Blog (Part4)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Fetaland Strikes Back ! (2)

Treborian reinforcements arrive to save the day ! - well actually these soldiers took ages to negotiate the woods and arrived to late to influence things.

The local citizenry arm themselves and rush to defend their town .

The brave Treborian gunners are shot down manning their gun to the last !.

The Fetaland forces charge the town , clashing with the citizens  in a protracted and bloody melee.

Who are defeated and flee the town !

The last of the defending Treborians are overwhelmed and the town is taken , but with great loss of little lead lives on both sides .

With the non-arrival of more reinforcements ( initiated by turning playing cards - the cavalry never arrived - blast !) the Treborians retreat leaving the town to be burnt by the vengeful Fetaland forces. Another great game although interrupted by real life at times. This has encouraged me to send off another order to Irregular (  who is probably planning next years holiday on the profits of this years purchases by your truly !) for more Fetaland infantry and a gun - Ferraro Rocca provided the gun and crew for this game . I  am also going to look at the rules for machine guns as they seem a little inaffectual at the moment - or is it the poor training given to the Fetaland gunners ?. 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fetaland Strikes Back !. (1)

Dawn and the small Treborian border town of Selenci awakes.

The crossroads North of the town is guarded by a small unit of Reserve Infantry .

 At the nearby shrine of Saint Agatha peasants start to go about their business.

As the morning mists lifts it reveals a Fetaland raiding force bent on revenge !.

To the North a Infantry force under Major Kaffca .

Too the East a mixed force under General Stravros Flatterly.

The forces converge on the crossroads , the Elite Evazones lead the way !.

The Evazones attack under heavy fire and suffer casualties - but overrun the the defences slaughtering the Reservists.

The Treborians get their revenge, as the Fetaland Green Hussars charge the village they are met with crushing rifle fire and a counter attack by the remaining Reservists under Major Balzak destroys them.
Too be continued.....

Saturday, 10 September 2011

High level planing conference at Yalta.

A secret meeting between the President of Fetaland and King Paul II  has taken place to discuss joint military action against Treboria . Held in the remote village of Yalta this conference has lead to stronger bonds between the two countries and a common stand point in pursueing a favorable outcome .

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Fetaland Hussars

In response to the aggression from Treboria Fetaland have  raised a Hussar regt.

Called the 'Green Regiment of Hussars' they will boost Fetalands army in the fight back against naked aggression.

Here we see them cantering off to assist in a imminent raid on Treboria (The actual figures are Irregular 42mm FPW  French Chasseurs)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Heroes of Fetaland

The President and his wife review the brave Evazones who did their best in helping them to escape the treacherous attack  by the Treborians .

He thanks the officers personally . (The officers are conversions from the advancing figure)

The Household Cavalry, which suffered such heavy casualties that they have had to be reformed .

They march off to bring retribution to the evil Treborians . The infantry are from the Irregular Balkans War range and the cavalry are in fact Austrian mid 19th cent .

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Joyous Occassion (4)

King Paul's personal Bodyguard are sent back across the bridge to protect the Fetaland dignitaries and form a wall of steel around them.

Meanwhile the Ferroro Roccaian Gendarmes lead by the King scatter the Treborian partisans

The Fetaland President and party swiftly cross the bridge (having spent 3 turns only moving about 3"they got a dice roll of 12" on 2 D6 - I roll D6 for movement)

Just as the Treborians captured the retreating Fetaland Mitrailleuse a shell/matchstick from their off table artillery lands by mistake amongst them and causes casualties and destroys the M/G ( this was the last matchstick for the gun as well ! - knew I  should NOT have fired it ! - but was aiming at the fleeing Presidential party)

The last gallant Evazones try to hold the bridge .

They sell their little lead lives dearly (well not really, through out the game their dice rolling for shooting had been appalling - BUT they where newly painted and maybe it was the shock of being attacked by their otherwise normally peaceful neighbours).

The Fetaland party are greeted by King Paul II and escorted to safety in Ferraro Rocca . So the Treborian 'War Party' has succeeded in its devilish plan and started a war with Fetaland. The Fetaland government (in exile at moment) is to start a increase in military spending (another order to Irregular)and a mobilisation of the army (more painting of figures) and strike back at the aggressors !.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Joyous Occassion (3)

The dastardly deed is done as the Presidential Steam Carriage explodes in flames !

King Paul crosses the bridge safely and prepares to mount his horse.

The Fetaland Household cavalry are shot down before they can charge and the Treborians advance to close the trap .

Not all the casualties are human - a goat killed by a stray artillery matchstick ( my shooting had returned to its normal abysmal state !)

The Fetaland Evazones prepare for a last gallant stand .

King Paul at the head of his Gendarmes prepares to cut his way out to safety.But what of the Presidential party of Fetaland ?, with the Steam Carriage destroyed how will they escape ? , have the Ferraro Roccaians abandoned their allies ? . To be continued.......

Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Joyous Occasion (2)

Just as the final speech had been made and the last toast drunk there was the sound of a shell exploding - off target luckily ! - but the crowd of onlookers stood awestruck as from the surrounding terrain Treborian troops appeared !!!

Real off table Artillery ! (well the window sill really)

Alerted by the shell fire a sinister fellow sneaks out of a nearby cottage .

Down the railway track move a band of Treborian partisans .

The sinister fellow (a Treborian secret agent - if you had not guessed already !) plants a 'Infernal Device' under the Presidential Steam Coach .

A lucky shot causes carnage amongst the Fetaland infantry (indeed lucky most of my shooting was up to this point wildly inaccurate !)

The Fetaland Household Cavalry try to deploy to defend the president, but come under fire from Treborian troops on their flank.

Ferraro Roccaian cavalry dismount to combat the Treborian partisans

The Treborian British Legione advance to seal in the Fetaland troops

At the Bridge a scene of confusion as the dignities try to escape .

Can the rulers of Fetaland and Ferraro Rocca escape this scene of trechery ?. Too be continued .......

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Joyous Occasion (1)

The completion of the Trans- Fetaland-Ferraro Roccaian railway is a cause for great rejoicing . The final bridge over the River Bug has been completed and is being opened by the Prime Minister of Fetaland and  King Paul II of Ferraro Rocca.

Many local and foreign visitor are gathered to see the proceedings.

The Official Photograph.

BUT not all is well !, the happy event is being watched by the commander of the Treborian 'War Party' a radical breakaway group of officers dedicated to taking the war to neutral Fetaland !.What evil can the be planning ?.........