Sunday 30 April 2023

Slaine , the 'Goodies'.

Several weeks ago whilst on holiday I came across a hobby shop and bought the above boxed game .(.: As rare as hens teeth. ( . It comes with eight figures and a few bits of terrain and I've been painting things up over the last few weeks .

The hero of the game - based on the 2000AD comics is 'Slaine' a mythical Conan type barbarian with an abundance of fighting skills - "kiss my axe"! . The figures are in the new Warlord resin and rather well detailed - I must admit I'm coming round to the use of figures in resin/ plastic.

Two of his allies - Ukko the Dwarf and Nest the trainee Druid, I must admit I've never read any of the 2000AD comics so all the background is new to me .

Who's this sinister chap interfering with the gaming dice !? , more to follow.........


Sunday 23 April 2023

Proverbs 26:11 *

I realise with shame that it has been quite a while since I visited the Greate Civile Warre in Borsetshire and thought to remedy this by painting up these figures which I got last year . They are Replicant 54mm and will portray dismounted Dragoons .

These are also Replicants, dismounted Cavalry this time and will make a spirited 'Forlorn Hope' unit.

These rather nice figures will make personality or unit leaders , think the blue chap is a portrayal of 'Old Noll' . I hope to get these undercoated and painted up this week and perhaps a return to the conflict in rural Borsetshire. 

*Even as a dog returneth to its vomit - so a fool returneth to his folly.



Saturday 22 April 2023

Excuses .

I'm afraid I haven't done much of late to warrant a blog posting , I've been busy playing Command & Colors - which although an excellent game isn't very photogenic , mainly paint figures for my wargaming colleague 'A' and doing various mundane real life jobs about the house and garden. However I did manage to get my two 'bird box' houses varnished and stained - the stainer has gone a bit 'funny' as it was forgotten about and left in the outhouse over winter and the frost has I think affected it - Hmm ! must remember in future ! . I also got an eBay figure painted , he will be the Commander of the 'East Point' Cadets I recently painted up (.: East Point Cadets on parade. ( and having cleared up the accumulated detritus from my tabletop hopefully will be appearing in a game soon. 


Saturday 15 April 2023

H.G. Wells biography - well worth a read !

Whilst I've been away on holiday I finished the above biography of H.G. . I enjoyed it more than (.: Don't mention the Toy Soldiers ! ( the last one I read as it covers his whole life . AND it mentions 'Little Wars' and 'Floor Games' , only a brief paragraph but when you see the amount of written materiel he turned out that's about right . It's a bit more gossipy (which I'm base enough to like) and deals with his private life in detail (!) , he was a real literary babe magnet wasn't he ! - I'm not sure he would have been quite as pleased if the long suffering Mrs Wells had participated in his 'free love ideals'.  I've always wondered what happened to his toy soldiers and this book may give an answer - his son Anthony was a pacifist during World War 2 and was raided by the police who took away some of his personal papers and belongings including the figures that took part in 'Little Wars' and 'Floor Games' - was he ever given them back ? or are they still languishing in police custody !?.


Monday 10 April 2023

Homes for Toieland.


Over the Easter holidays work has started on converting the bird boxes I bought into housing for Toieland .(.: Affordable Housing comes to Toieland. ( I'm sticking MDF bases over the holes and using the bird perch for chimneys . Once dry I will just give them a coat of gloss varnish to match my other buildings .

Wednesday 5 April 2023

As rare as hens teeth.

We have been on holiday ! , rented a cottage near Newton Stewart in Galloway . Whilst We where walking around Newton Stewart I  came across the 'Hobby Burrow' ! - a modeling/wargaming shop ! - I was surprised they are a rare breed nowadays . 

I would call it gaming shop really, it covered everything from 'Magic the Gathering' cards through board games via Games Workshop to an impressive stock of Warlord boxed figures. 

I had a long chat with the chap that owns it , very interesting about the problems running a business in the present times .

And what did I buy ! ? well you can't go into a gaming shop and not buy anything ! 

An impulse buy ! (more of this later)