Friday 24 June 2022

Push 'n lead ! (2)

On the Treborian left flank the British Legione gallantly charge through the wood line and drive off the enemy infantry . 

And to make matters worst on the right the Ferraro Rocherian attack is halted .

To save a disaster King Paul relocates the artillery to prop up the right and sends the Mounted Gendarmes to charge the enemy infantry .

Disaster ! - the Treborian Reservists bravely stand their ground and massacre the cavalry !.

The victories Treborians roll up the left flank . 

The Ferraro 'Soldatii de Furtuna' move forward to try and save the situation but with only the Reservists holding their ground on the left King Paul II calls for a general retreat and is lucky to get away, as the Treborian General is happy to let them go ! . A great game, the Treborian's won both of the flank actions and King Paul II never really got his act together in the center . Once more 'A Gentleman's War' delivers ! 


Wednesday 22 June 2022

Push'n lead ! (1)


The battle started with the Treborian Artillery opening fire and then drawing an Ace card and get to shoot again - causing heavy casualties on the advancing Ferraro Rochain forces .

On the other flank the Treborian column has to 'face left' to combat the enemy infantry in the woods .

The Ferraro Rocher infantry advance under heavy fire ! , I drew a chance card and the building mysteriously burst into fire !? (enemy insurgents ?).

On the other flank they hold off a superior Treborian force . The right unit suffers heavy casualties BUT pass both it's moral tests and is awarded a medal and so doesn't need to take another moral test  this game !

The Ferraro Rocherian reservists move up (rather slowly)(they ARE older part time soldiers after all ) , going through that wood is going to take ages ! . Next instalment to follow soon ........

Sunday 19 June 2022

The urge to push lead .


Having unpacked and sorted out post-holiday I got the urge to get some figures on the tabletop and play a game . I went for my 'go too' set of rules - A Gentleman's War and got out a couple of my 40mm Imagination armies that have not seen the light of day for a while . So the Armies of Treboria and Ferraro Rocher take the field . I diced for the location of units using Donald Featherstone's method (1 left flank,, 2 left center 3 center, 4 right center, 5 right flank, 6 player chooses)

I drew 2 resource cards, the Treborian General had his mistress inflicted on him by the enemy (she distracts him) 

The Treborians drew 'Regimental Mascot' , 'Biffa the mascot of the British Legione (improves morale).

The Army of Ferraro Rocher is being lead by King Paul II himself and he has brought to the field a newly formed unit of 'Soldatii de Furtuna ' - crack assault troops armed with the newly developed 'Grenade ale mortii' . Both sides have 4 line units , 2 reservists units, 1 Artillery piece , 1 Cavalry unit and 1 'special' infantry unit . I will be reporting back as the action grows hot ! 

Friday 17 June 2022

The Walkers in Anglesey

 The Walkers are on holiday in Anglesey, here they are at Malltreath Bay and in the distance are the Snowdonia mountains 

                      Mr Walker is keen to visit the prehistoric chambered cairn of Bryn Celli Dbu, 

"This is an excellent chambered cairn , probably the finest on Anglesey" ! comments Mr Walker .


                                         "Let's take a look inside" , "yes dear(if we must)".

                                                          "Magnificent and very unusual " 


                                               The interior looking towards the entrance. 


What little is known of the site. Mr Walker is enthusiastic about prehistoric monuments , Mrs Walker less so . 

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Royal Horse Artillery in 54mm .

Several weeks ago I got a job lot of bits and pieces of 54mm toy soldiers off EBay and the figures  that I was really interested in where 4 R.H.A. figures , somewhat battered but I've cleaned them up added a missing arm and touched up the paint work .

Here we see them practising gun drill over looking 'The Great Patio' with an old Britains gun . The replacement right arm can be seen on the standing Sergeant .


Sunday 12 June 2022

Indigenous Native "paintfest" .

Having a bit of a 'paintfest' here ! , got some more native Americans done for my 'Flint & Feather' project to inhabit the terrain being explored by Champlain . They are of course 28mm Crucible Crush' figures 


Thursday 9 June 2022

Normal service is resumed .

Now that the decorating of the house is nearing completion (hurray) I'm finally getting around to painting toy soldiers again (hurray again) . The first up is the 54mm Garibaldi figure I got the other week . 


Saturday 4 June 2022

My Hero (?)

I don't 'do' heroes really , I think the word has become somewhat devalued by the modern media when everybody is a 'hero' whatever they are doing . I don't doubt they exist nowadays but a couple of characters stand out from the past for me - Ernest Shakelton and Garibaldi . Garibaldi was described by AJP Taylor as ' the only wholly admirable figure in modern history' , of course I have him in 25mm as part of my Italian Wars of Independence collection , but when I found that Imperial Miniatures did a 54mm mounted figure I had to get one . I've just been gluing the three parts of the model together and am looking forward to painting him - in the 'toy soldier' manner - who knows he may be appearing in the ranks of 'Red Army' eventually .


Thursday 2 June 2022

Wargaming humour No. 17

Freshly reaped from the internet , very true as well - they are a great comfort from the 'real' world .