Sunday, 16 January 2022

Donald Featherstone, one of his lesser know titles .

On Man of Tin blog – Toy soldiers, gaming, Imagi-Nations ( There is an article about Donald Featherstone and his time as a physio at Southampton F.C. and this got me thinking - "I'm sure I've read somewhere he did a book on dancing injuries ? " - I've got to that point in life when I can make things up and start believing in them myself (dementia anyone ?!) so I did a bit of 'Googling' and found the above book ! - So i didn't make it up ! - (I'm so pleased with myself) . For the sake of completeness and that it  has his autograph on the title page I've ordered it off Ebay .


Tuesday, 11 January 2022

What's going on here then ?

The two new Constables at Toieland Police Station spot a strange vagrant wandering through the village, is it a simple tramp or the adventurer Richard Hannay in clever disguise ?

He approaches the Vicar Mr Collins , and asks an strange question 

He seems pleased with the answer to his question and shuffles off down the road leaving a baffled Mr  Collins behind . How significant is this information ? , perhaps we might be informed sometime in the near future !?.


Friday, 7 January 2022

The last and the first .


These rather scabby figures were the last purchased off Ebay in 21 

and the first painted in 22 . They are solid cast figures , not sure who made them , homecast maybe ? . Hopefully appearing on the tabletop soon .

Monday, 3 January 2022

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Trouble in Toieland , a Christmas Game (finale) .


The 'Red Army' Hussars charge the Wurtemburgers .

But are driven off by a close range volley ( 'Blue Army' played a couple of cards from their hand )

Meanwhile in the center the  Potsdam Grenadiers are caught in a crossfire from the 'Red Army' Naval Brigade and the Rifles .

The 'Church Roof Committee ' take cover in the tower of the church .

The Artist Rifles (Performing Arts Own) complete their flank march around the church to appear on the flank/rear of 'Blue Army' .

With casualties rising and finding themselves outflanked the Potsdam Grenadiers are forced to fall back . 'Blue Army' has lost the fight and retires from the battle , a victory for 'Red Army' ! . A very enjoyable game played over the Christmas holidays , once again 'A Gentleman's War' delivers a fun game .

Thursday, 30 December 2021

Trouble in Toieland , a Christmas Game (part2)

Farmer Giles and Mrs Miggins are alarmed to see Wurtemburger Infantry clambering over the wall onto the road .

They deploy as the rest of the army moves up .

On the other flank thing do not go well for 'Blue Army' , The Deaths Head Hussars charge down the road at the Red Hussars, who spending two held cards manage to deploy and counter-charge . The Death Heads where roundly defeated and turn tail and flee the table .

'Red Army' forms up , Hussars nearest the camera, then the Rifles  and the Naval Brigade .

'Blue Army' draw a Incident Card - Oh dear ! that's the Gatling gun delayed .

'Blue Armies' Jeagers move forward swiftly and come under fire from the Naval Brigade and the Rifles

And taking heavy casualties - flee ! 

The table as we approach the halfway point , 'Blue Army' needs to pull their socks up ! . Too be continued ......