Thursday, 8 June 2023

A Skullking Waye Of Warre.


Been playing around with the Featherston "Close War" rules and slightly adapted them for the earlier period and the first clashes between the Natives and Settlers/Explorers in the early 17th cent.. I have made the Matchlock Muskets more powerful (the Indians couldn't wait to get their hands on them) but slower to use than bows and allowed for the armour worn by the Europeans . Very much a work in progress - no morale yet - perhaps Natives retire when they loose 33% of their force and the Europeans 50% ? (click on photo to enlarge)

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

A bit of whimsy.


Had these couple of figures for a while, bought cheaply as the little old man has a missing arm and both have damaged paint jobs. So I  have decided to try and repair him . I found an old Prince August arm to replace his missing one .

I drilled a hole through the shoulder of the arm , cut a notch in the elbow and CAREFULLY bent it to a right angle and glued it to the body . I'm going to immerse them in Detol overnight to strip off the old paint which is very badly damaged . I'll post again when they're cleaned up and ready for a re-paint.

Monday, 5 June 2023

Toy soldiers in Art No.2


French postcard found on the internet , the model tank must date this post WW1 - 1920s/30s ?

Friday, 2 June 2023

A few more 'Flint and Feather' figures.


Having finished painting up other peoples figures I got a few of my own done . A group of English Matchlock men set out to explore 'The New World' . 28mm Crucible Crush figures .

French explorers with 'Black Robe' Jesuit Priest.

Mohawk Leader Hendrick and a Great Warrior from the Wendat tribe in traditional wooden armour . I do hope to get some more of these done and find a easy set of rules to play with them.

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Toy soldier in Art No.1

Mrs K displays her collection of Austro-Hungarian Grenadiers memorabilia .
(illustration found on Facebook)


Tuesday, 30 May 2023

The engagement in the Vale do Tedio (part2)


The action was hotting up as the Republican Militia moved to engage the enemy threatening the mine.

The workers beat of all attacks on the Convent and only take a few casualties due to it's stout walls.

Then the game comes to an end - I usually play till 6 jokers have been drawn and the last two appeared in quick succession and night falls !

'and as the suns sinks slowly in the west' - things were looking a bit bleak anyway for the Nuevo Riccan forces, the Police had suffered heavy casualties trying to take the convent and on the last move the Regulars tried to attack the workers in the Mine and failed their moral test and fled ! - so a victory for the Republican Workers ! . The Neuvo Riccan forces had bad luck and never really got going and the game ending rather abruptly was maybe a blessing for them preventing further embarrassment . An interesting game and it was good to get the figures on the tabletop again .

Thursday, 25 May 2023

The engagement in the Vale do Tedio (part1)


The game started with a bit of luck for the Republic , the reinforcements diced well and sped down the road towards the Convent.

On the other flank a column of Neuvo Riccan Regulars appear, having had to abandon their transport due to the bridge being destroyed by the rebel workers .

The Police force was delayed due to a breakdown in transport (I roll 2 dice before moving them on a double the truck doesn't move) . The first unit debuses and moves towards the enemy.

And shortly afterwards - run away having taken heavy casualties (the postage stamp markes that they have activated and the Llama means they are disordered)

On the other flank the Regulars deploy and bring up their HMG to attack the mine workings . Part 2 to follow soon .......