Saturday 11 November 2023

Toy Soldiers in Art No.9


 Never happen!, 


  1. He will never have time to get a game going with all of that distraction :-)

  2. That is a funny pic. If you don't mind, I want to share it! I often say, why don't we have wargaming in the sports section of the news. I like to make subversive suggestions like that.
    As for the ladies, my experience is that some are fascinated. A lot of women like creative men. The problem is not the hobby but that some men are too obsessed with a hobby to the exclusion of all else and don't read when people are insufficiently interested for them to keep talking about it. The other thing is a minority of women who see it as 'warmongering' but then they are usually so unattractive (mentally and physically) that I wouldn't touch 'em with a ten foot pole.

    1. Think a lot of parteners are just happy we have a hobby that keeps us amused , my wife occassionaly admires my 54mm figures - but dismisses 25's as to tiny !

  3. Happens tome all the time. Then I wake up.

  4. Hilarious find Tony! I often find that women are fascinated with my toy soldier collection! And you're right, my wife and daughter appreciate that I have such a creative hobby!

  5. Too right it would never happen!

    A wargamer in a suit and tie - what nonsense!