Tuesday 29 December 2020

Seasonal painting project .

I managed to get some painting done over Christmas , my order from Replica Miniatures arrived so I was busy gluing up and painting the Naval Brigade figures I wanted . They are Britains solid re-casts and here are manning an old 4.7 gun . 

Here is a Naval landing party , again modern re-casts , I could do with ordering another 4 of these to make it up to a unit whilst using 'A Gentleman's War' rules .

Here they are again resplendent in gloss varnish and traditional pink cheeks .



  1. They are very nice Tony...
    I do like the Replica Miniatures I also like the 4.7... I have one as well...

    All the best. Aly

  2. Well done Tony - always favor a Naval Brigade - especially a British one. Nice to see the Britains re-casts. Happy New Year.

  3. Very nice work, and always a useful addition to a collection. Have spent my hobby time restoring old Britains, paint stripping, drilling on new rifles, filling holes, replacing heads. Have only just started to paint something!

    1. I must admit I have quite a few figures to reclaim but couldn't resist the lure of new figure painting .

  4. We sail the ocean blue and our saucy ship’s a beauty, we are sober men and true and attentive to our duty...

  5. Very nice looking figures Tony and the gun is terrific!

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