Monday 7 December 2020

Blue Army recruits .

One of the problems with collecting the opposition to 'Red Army' is that there aren't many suitable figures for 'Blue Army' - well at an price I could afford , so I thought I would convert some of the damaged hollow cast cavalry into 'Blue Army' cuirassiers . The basic figures had several heads missing and a couple of damaged horses , I repaired the horses and swopped the heads with Irregular picklehaube ones .

I went for a Britains type paint style using only about six colours and no shading and of course a high gloss varnish finish . I'm pleased to get these figures onto the tabletop as they have sat in my 'bits box' for about ten years .

I also did a Cavalry Officer for 'Blue Army' , he started life as a Britains hollow cast Mounted Policeman,  I've added a right arm with a sword (from a Prince August mold) , refitted his wobbly head and given him a new paint job . All my personalities will have their names on their bases , so I can remember who's who ! - and I hoped spelt correctly - should be Hentzau ! . 



  1. A fine solution to a blue shortage, Tony - great and cost effective way to get these battered figures back into action!

    1. Yes think conversion is the only solution for these figures .

  2. Army Blue's cavalry look terrific Tony

  3. Great work and I love the officers rocking horse!