Thursday 31 December 2020

A blast from the past .

From The Vintage Casting Group on Facebook , from an era when boys and girls were fearless in the face of molten lead and 1st degree burns and a sailor suit was all the PPE you needed ! .



  1. Today, a child cannot even buy polystyrene glue or a craft knife (as I could in Woolworths when I started making Airfix kits aged about eight) - such is 'progress'...

  2. Yep- no fear or restraints- we did things back then- I had a Metal Factory in my Back Yard- I built it like Port Kembla Steel Works and melted lead by the pounds- great fun as a lad. Cheers. KEV.

  3. This is a great little advert hardening back to more carefree and less regulated times.

  4. Splendid Tony...
    I’ve come across a few of these adverts over the years and I love them...

    Home Foundry or one of its competitors made an electric melting pot with a tap like opening in its base... I remember seeing an advert with gleeful children gathered around and mum and dad laughing away in the background... fun for all the family indeed.
    I must confess that I wouldn’t mind one myself 😁

    All the best. Aly

    1. Yes it sounds great fun , as a small child I had some semi-flat soldiers made by an uncle from some sort of mold - solid lead , very heavy and bendable !.

  5. I acquired a very similar paper copy as part of an auction lot of molds last summer, although mine is all black and white, without the red accents on the cover. One might need a copy of Shambattle to go along with it, so that one has something to do with those WWI armies.

  6. Charming find: I find the "We Need No Help" motto striking (okay, refreshing) compared to today's approach to education and child development.

  7. Ah yes, reminds me of the time as a 7 year old that a friend and I decided to introduce a heating system to a go-cart we made by placing a tin of wood shavings underneath the wooden seat and setting fire to them. Seemed like a good idea at the time and helped to make men of us!