Thursday 30 October 2014

Quo Vadis ?

I've been busy painting up more figures for my Garibaldi period project inspired by the recent games I and 'A' have been playing . But I'm now think I've got enough and there is no need to go further buying and painting more figures . I have 4 units of 'Redshirts plus a gun and crew, 2 units of Sicilian 'Picoloti' and this is about all I need for Garibaldi . The Neapolitan's will have 6 units of infantry a battery of artillery and 2 squadrons of cavalry which seems enough to give a good game to take on the revolutionaries . I've always found it easier to start projects rather than to finish them and call a halt !.

Been doing a lot of reading up of this fascinating period of history and am tempted to enlarge on it . But which protagonists to pick next ?  - Austria , France , Piedmont or the Papal State ? , each has its virtues , but having done a French army for the FPW they are the least likely candidate . The Austrians would be different and Irregular do some very cute figures , the Papal States have a quirky little army and both could fight the Piedmontese . Hmm !? this will take some thinking  of ! . 


  1. Splendid! Piedmont gets my vote mainly because I know nothing about them and their doings. :)

  2. If you go for the Papal States you can include some French Canadian Papal Zouaves. Is there still a choice?