Saturday 18 October 2014

'Got a Ticket to my Destination' (Part2)

The Red forces close in on the railway station and the fleeing Baron Smirnoff.

Both sides start accumulating suppression points (the Red unit nearest has got 3 - hence the marker) -this lessens their effectiveness and can lead to them routing .

Red Cavalry !

They charge in and destroy the 'White' riflemen .

The Baron's bodyguard 'Big Ivan' shoots it out with the Red forces leader.

He charges into the Red infantry !

And causes them to turn tail single handedly - help by good dice rolling by himself and very poor morale roll by the Reds.

The Red Commissar attempts to rally them - but fails !.

'Big Ivan's' luck runs out .

Then in the nick of time - Chinese Cavalry sent by General Feng Shui to save the Baron arrive , I had decided that they would appear on move 10 - if the Baron survived that long.

They deploy and advance on the Red forces.

Fearing a International incident the Red Army withdraws in the face of the Chinese force. Well actually they had taken heavy casualties and about a third of their force had run away . General Baron Smirnoff  had survived - for the time being - and has joined the private army of the Chinese Warlord Feng Shui . But the Red Army have sworn to eliminate him !. The rules worked as well as I remembered and are ideal for solo play , each unit has a stats card and are drawn randomly , shooting is done by the figure using a D10 + or - factors and casualties can be either - killed,wounded or suppressed . A good simple set of rules with lots of cinematic action .

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