Thursday 16 October 2014

"Sitting on a Railway Station"

Been continuing my clear out of wargaming detritus and whilst reorganising my box files full of figures came across my Copplestone Miniatures RCW 'Back of Beyond' collection - I was aghast how much of this stuff I had painted in the past and had not played with for a long while . So I decided to set up a small game using my old favourite rules 'Triumph and Tragedy'

General Baron Smirnoff and his party are fleeing from the advancing Red forces and in an attempt to leave the country and reach China have made it to Railway Station No. 7 where they hope to catch a train to take them to their destination . 

The Baron , his mistress Olga and the Head of Security Boris Chekov (no relation) await the train - the railway staff cannot understand were it is and are less than helpful in suggesting an arrival time .

Railway Station No.7 . The Baron has with him 2 units of 'White' infantry and a group of Chinese bandits who are in his pay . 

The Baron and his party are forced to stay overnight in the Railway Station as they await the train and the troops bed down in the surrounding huts .

Little do they know that the track has been cut by the Reds and as dawn breaks a party of Red Guard sneak up to the station to capture the Baron. 

However the Chinese Bandits are alerted and open fire on the advancing Reds .

However as the rest of the Barons force tumble out of their beds in response to the shooting more Red infantry move up in the cover of the ruins , will the Baron ever catch his train ? will help come in time to save him ? or will the Reds capture him ? - all will be revealed in the next episode !


  1. Rip-roaring adventure in times of trouble!

    1. it's an era with a lot of possibilities , Tony

    2. I'll say! May I ask where did you get those rules?

      All the best

    3. Think they are available from -
      Cheers Tony