Monday 20 October 2014

Garibaldi Extras .

Been under pressure to get some more of the Garibaldi project done , 'A' is calling around for a game this week so I buckled down and applied paint to metal . I needed some more of the Sicilian volunteers that rallied to Garibaldi's 'Thousand' , these are described as wearing peasant clothing and I've struggled so far to find some suitable figures that match the stature of the 'Irregular' figures I'm using . They also have to look 'Sicilian' - I found that Foundry do a small range of French Revolutionary figures and so I ordered a couple of packets - I think they fit the bill and look suitably peasant like and revolutionary . 

They also had a figure representing 'Marie Ann' , who I've painted up as that often overlooked female Italian revolutionary Figga Roule , seen here inspiring the peasant forces .

To oppose these figures I have painted up another Neapolitan unit - the  1st Battalion Foreign Carabineer Regt.

I've also done a limber and team for the Neapolitan Artillery .

And even one for the Garibaldini - I hate doing limber and teams - they are such a pain to put together as the manufacturers NEVER seem to have any method of fitting the horses to the limber -But I think they are very attractive when present on the table . So that's everything sorted out ready and the table and scenario set up , the battle report will follow soon. 


  1. Really enjoying this project.

    What scale is it?

    1. 25mm Irregular mainly with a few Hinchcliffe and the odd Foundry figure thrown in , Tony