Sunday 5 October 2014

Preparing for War.

I've been thinking how to use my 25mm Napoleonic collection for quite a while now . Originally I was going to use them in a O.S.type way but have tried several other sets including 'General D' Brigade'- but as I tend to game solo I found these rules a bit long winded and difficult to remember as I tend to play only the odd move or two per day over a week. The figures are Foundry 25/28 mm bought when they still did 'the more you buy the more you save' deals and are mounted on pennies , my wargaming colleague 'A' is a big fan of 'Black Powder' and has been pestering me to try them out for ages . So I decided to give them a go, having played a couple of small test games I thought I would re base my figures to be more user friendly but still be usable for O.S. if needed.

Here are the original figures , I decided to use the 'Warbase' sabots which fit pennies.

I brushed on some 'Basetex' to the sabot and the figure bases , highlighted then added flock .

A completed Bavarian Battalion - 4 companies each of 8 figures . This has been a bit of a mammoth task but is nearing the end .

An Austrian artillery battery 'al a sabot' .

I also made some casualty markers up , to record the hits on units , the numbers are a bit obtrusive - and the original were a lot smaller - but you could not see them across the battlefield ! .

I also made up a selection of markers for the Generals - this Bavarian CinC has a staff rating of 8 .

Some more of the casualty markers , 'A' is calling round for a game next week so these will get to be used in anger then . I will report on the game in the next posting.

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