Saturday 31 May 2014

The Ferraro Rochain Army

This article is based on the unpublished work of Professor Jeckel's 'Slavna Vojska Ferraro Rochai'

Ferraro Rochain Army . Number i Line Infantry in Summer dress . Number ii Rifleman in Winter dress , both uniforms were worn immaterial of the season . Number iii Reservist in Summers smock and traditional hat. 

Number i Staff Officer (Staff seemed to wear a mixture of uniforms - often designed by the wearer), Number ii Mounted Gendarme (3rd Regt.), Number iii Hariboan Lancer (these are irregular mounted tribesmen from the wild Hariboan plains who traditionally provide an escort to the Royal Family).

Number i Royal Guardsman in Parade Dress , Number ii Garibaldi Volunteer , Number iii Garibaldi Volunteer Officer (Foreign followers of the principles of the revolutionary Garibaldi formed a volunteer unit to serve with the regular Ferraro Rochain army).

The Royal Ferraro Rochaian Artillery , armed with the modernest French artillery guns.

Although not part of the regular army the revolutionary 'Black Hand' movement does provide help - in varying degrees of success !


  1. A splendid overview of these much admired armies and associated persons of note.

  2. Great figures,splendid work,bring on the battles...