Friday 30 May 2014

The Army of Treboria.

The following illustrations are from the now out of print Osprey Man at Arms book 'The Treborian Army 1802-1900'

Number 1 is a Line Infantryman wearing the new issue khaki uniform with the branch of service colour on the collar (red for infantry)
Number 2 is a Reservist and is wearing the older blue uniform , which previously the line infantry wore .
Number 3 is a member of The British Legione , because Treboria has done an arms deal with Britain it was decided to form a unit of expatriates and equip them with uniforms purchased with this deal . Unfortunately  there was a misunderstanding ( Col. Smyth has been linked to this 'cock up' and the press have made much of it !) and instead of modern British uniforms Treboria received 1000 Crimean war uniforms ! . Having spent this money the unit had to be so equipped . 

Number 1 is a Dragoon (Princess Alicia's) and is equipped with a carbine and sabre.
Number 2 is a member of the Elite 'Hussars of Excellence' a exclusive cavalry unit who recruit from the upper classes of Treborian society.

The Treborian artillery are equipped with a variety of modern artillery pieces and have been issued with the new khaki drab uniforms (blue collar patches for artillery) They have the issue cap but also fur hats for some units . Next post the Army of Ferraro Rochai.



  1. Drat it! I just missed purchasing this quite a few years back (perhaps you were the one who beat me to it?) . . . anyway I sincerely thank you for your kindness in sharing these 'Osprey photos' with us . . . hopefully you won't be in legal trouble for doing so.

    -- Jeff

  2. Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day. Thanks for the time you put into posting it.

  3. Osprey have done the Treborian army proud.I recall an Almark book on the same theme from the 1970's. I will have a look and see if I still have it on the bookshelves...