Thursday 15 May 2014

1st Regiment of Horse. ( The Blue Horse )

I have finally got around to finishing off this unit , it has been lacking the command element for some time . So I have got the CinC , Standard bearer , Trumpeter and Kettle drummer done . The Kettle drummer is one of my all time favourite wargames figures . 

This regiment didn't actually fight in the SYW  as it was transferred to the separate Irish establishment . However it is unique in having light blue facing colours , so I fancied painting it up. It started life as the 5th Horse but when several regiments were converted to Dragoon Guards it was renumbered the 1st and was transferred to the Irish Establishment . In 1768 the last 4 regiments of Horse were converted to Dragoon Guards so it became the 4th Dragoon Guards , all very complicated !

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