Monday 12 May 2014

Trying Out Saga.

No not Sex And Games for the Aged ! , but Saga - the Dark Age skirmish system by Gripping Beast . My wargaming colleague 'B' is a great fan of this system so when he suggested coming round to let me try it out I jumped at the chance.

I was to be Anglo-Danish and 'B' the Vikings, the scenario was about trying to cross and hold two fords . My Anglo-Danes are nearest the camera .

'B' casts the runic dice, one for each unit and two for his Warlord.

He then adds them to his 'Battleboard' , these can be played during his move to motivate units, add defence or attacks and influence the enemies move.

My 'Battleboard' with dice added , the boards are cleverly different, the Viking one leans towards attacking and the Anglo-Danish towards defence. This gives a period feel to the different armies.

Rather foolishly I charge my Warlord and his Thegns across the ford and attack 'B's Bondi , the shield markers represent fatigue - after some initial success thing turned against me .

'B' plots his 'coup de grace' .

With things going wrong I use my Warlord to drive off 'B's forces as my Thegns are forced back across the ford. 

Oh dear ! my Warlord is turned into a pin cushion by 'B's archers , when you loose unit or Warlords you loose their dice as well - this starts to make it very hard to get things done . With my force down to ONE  dice I resigned the game . A very enjoyable game (even though I lost) , a clever system with lots of decisions to be made and not to complicated - I can see why this game has become popular in the Dark Age wargaming period .

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