Monday 12 May 2014

B****y Bloger !.

It now seems I can't access my blogs ! , Google (damn their eyes !) have decided to not support Virgin mail addresses so I've had to open a Google mail address (fair enough) BUT I don't seem able to post on my existing blogs . Now I might be a bit thick when it comes to computers but I've spent about 2 days trying various ways of doing this and am defeated . SO I'm trying to view this positively (having spent many hours damning Google to the deepest pits of Hell) and am starting again with this NEW (and hopefully !) improved blog !

The Author planning his new blog . 


  1. I can almost hear the conversation. "Well gentlemen, they are in dead ground and out of range, what shall we do about this?" "Howitzers sir" "Pound them until they come out in the open where the Cuirassiers can get them"

  2. A similar thing has happened to me. I had a blog using a different email . . . but now I cannot use it . . . *sigh* . . . anyway I have added this your new blog to the "Emperor vs Elector" "Other Blogs of Interest" list.

    -- Jeff

    1. Frustrating isn't it ! - the amount of bad language I've used ! , many thanks for the new listing Cheers Tony