Saturday 15 April 2023

H.G. Wells biography - well worth a read !

Whilst I've been away on holiday I finished the above biography of H.G. . I enjoyed it more than (.: Don't mention the Toy Soldiers ! ( the last one I read as it covers his whole life . AND it mentions 'Little Wars' and 'Floor Games' , only a brief paragraph but when you see the amount of written materiel he turned out that's about right . It's a bit more gossipy (which I'm base enough to like) and deals with his private life in detail (!) , he was a real literary babe magnet wasn't he ! - I'm not sure he would have been quite as pleased if the long suffering Mrs Wells had participated in his 'free love ideals'.  I've always wondered what happened to his toy soldiers and this book may give an answer - his son Anthony was a pacifist during World War 2 and was raided by the police who took away some of his personal papers and belongings including the figures that took part in 'Little Wars' and 'Floor Games' - was he ever given them back ? or are they still languishing in police custody !?.



  1. Thanks for the review Tony! He did lead a fascinating life, and I'm sure that I'll enjoy reading this book to fill in some of the gaps!

  2. His figures still survive in the family according to this BBC 2013 Little Wars centenary article

    And featured in the Country Life toy soldiers article black and white photo that I found via the BMSS

    1. Pleased they are still with us , thanks for the info.