Friday 27 January 2023

Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1

 I am told by list of postings I have reached the number of 999 posts (this being my 1000th) , I'm a bit shocked by this ! , I originally started blogging in 2011 , unfortunately I rather lost my original blog due to"improvements" with Blogger (!?) but its still out there in the either Tin Soldiering On: February 2011 , so I have copied my first stumbling efforts in the wonderful world of blogging below . I must say I have found great pleasure in recording my hobby and coming into contact with a great bunch of like minded people who have kindly comment and encouraged me over the years - so here's to the next 12 years ! , Thank you one and all.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Posting Photos

MUST  remember to shrink photos before trying to post them ! , otherwise it takes forever

This Blogging melarkey !

Well after one or two false starts (and accompying bad language ) I now have a heading picture to my blog !.

Tin Soldiering On

Well in a idle moment I have decided to start a Blog !.  It will record , I hope my thoughts and progress in my hobby (obsesion ?) of painting and playing with small tin soldiers .