Saturday, 2 July 2022

M.G. O'Rourke and the Temple of Doom !

The epic "The Temple Of Doom" , Orson Wells's lost cinematographic masterpiece , replayed on the tabletop using miniature figurines .

I will be using these new rules to play the game .

The lost temple Of Gengis Khan - or "The Temple Of Doom" reputed location of a vast treasure buried there centuries ago , many people are seeking it ! .

Some of which are this strange collection of characters brought together by fate in the 'Back of Beyond 'M.G. O'Rourke  wandering archeologist and adventurer , 'Rick' a man with a past and not much future , Ivan a Russian on the run .and Nancy - one of the famous Mitford girls - out for adventure .

They are 'assisted' by Phat a self style Warlord and his motely band of soldiers .

However others are seeking out the fabled treasure, General Yeeg Fu Yung of the Chinese Army has got wind of the American's expedition and sets out to beat them to it ! 

O'Rourke's expedition nears the fabled Temple . Further episodes to follow .......



  1. A most excellent introduction Tony! Beautiful figures and terrain with a lost treasure to be found! What could be better than that? I am eagerly looking forward to the next installment!

    1. I'll be interested in how it playa as I'm testing out the rules for the first time.

  2. I too look forward to seeing how this all works out and how the rules perform.

    1. Yes it's very much a test of the rules having never used them before .