Sunday 6 March 2022

A recent acquisition .

I recently got a box of bits and pieces of casting equipment and  metal molds , a treasure trove !

 , I've no idea who they are by, the molds are metal with wooden handles , amongst the files clamps etc were a number of castings that had been cast from the molds . They seem to be WW1 ish ,  40mm semi-flats a French infantryman and two Germanic (?) infantry figures - one with a couple of grenades .

The other one is a mounted ACW General (?) seems about 54mm and semi-flat . There were 6 castings in the box from this mold . 

There is also a small curious mold - seems to be about 25mm and seems to be a Lancer (?) . Does anybody know anything about them ? . When I get some more cast they will be appearing on the tabletop in the ranks of my Imagination armies .



  1. Great moulds. Schneider is the company who made them.

  2. Thanks for the information , interesting looking catalogue .

  3. There is a Homecasting Facebook Group with such catalogues.

  4. Great looking molds Tony! They should really help you to fill the ranks of your 40mm armies!

    1. Hopefully I'll get some cast this week , real life permitting .