Saturday 24 October 2020

Back to the 40mm !

Think it's time to get back to 'proper' wargaming so I've started preparing these Irregular 42mm figures . Now next to artillery limbers and teams the one thing I hate painting is dismounted cavalry - that deja vu feeling as you paint the same figures again - minus the horse . But like limbers they really grace the tabletop and once done look the business . These are to be the Hellenyk Green Hussars , so they are next up on the painting tray .

Irregular Miniatures are kind enough to sometimes send a sample figure with your order and I was lucky enough to receive this 42mm ACW artilleryman , nice but not immediately useful - however I have a plan to convert him -

Enter Kamul Ataturke the head of the Sublime Porte Secret Service hot on the trail of the 'Black Hand' rebels . More of him later when he receives his coat of paint .



  1. Nice sculpting Tony, very impressive. I look forward to seeing him painted.

  2. Nice bit of sculpting -conversion there Tony.

    1. Yes not to complicated but will get the figure on the tabletop .

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