Monday 5 October 2020

A few more Shinys


I've had a few figures awaiting a coat of gloss varnish after my last tin finally died on me , due to the present pandemic I've not been going into town much but I had to have a flu jab so whilst in there I called into my local DIY store and got a new can . Here is a Hellenyk Republican General , he's a Irregular 40mm Deutsche Homage , I also took the opportunity of the absence of the dog to photograph him outdoors .

I also varnished some 25mm Minifigs for my Featherstone 'Close Wars' . Here we see (Left to Right) Chingachgook , Hawk-eye and Uncas on the lookout for Magua .

'He's behind you !' - Magua the villain from The Last of the Mohicans  , again a 25mm Miniature Figurine . I've got a few more of these to finish off and they are due a return to the gaming table soon .


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  2. Sorry Tony, that was me above having trouble with my google account. I was trying to say that the little mans look great.

  3. Clever use of the flora in your garden.

  4. Tiny men in their natural (outdoor) habitat.

  5. Wonderful pictures Tony and some lovely brush work.

  6. I remember those Minifigs from my youth, I had some Rodgers Rangers and opposition. Lovely figures.

  7. They are looking good!

    I had a half dozen Minfig Cie Franches in summer dress, a few milice and 2 first nations, 1 the spitting image of your Chingagook. They were shorter but fatter than my existing 30's, but taller and fatter than my S range grenadiers so they were never reinforced. Ah the "joys" of mail order from catalogues with few pictures!

    1. Yes Caliver now sell Minifigs - still with only a few photos of the actual figures - so still pot luck at times ! .