Monday 31 August 2020

Not a good day for 'The Thousand' .

First apologies for not illustrating this battle properly - as things got exciting I forgot to take photos . The Sicilian irregulars tried to get around the enemies right flank but being 'wavering' had to take a morale test when they received their first casualties and promptly fled ! 

Their commander Friar Pantaleo was unable to rally them ! , he was formerly a Spanish Napoleonic guerilla from  'Parkfield Miniatures' an odd little figure but matches the Irregular figures in stature .

The 'Thousand' advance but are outgunned by the Neapolitan Carbineers and start taking casualties .

Sensing victory the Neapolitan Line and Foreign Carbineer Regiment advance and drive the rebels from the field ! . Well that didn't end up as I expected - the Neapolitans rolled very well and Garibaldi's very badly , I classed the Neapolitan Foreign Battalions as veterans and the Line as poor and although their Commander was not brilliant the behaviour of the 'piccolotti' was very poor and took the pressure off their right flank allowing then to concentrate their fire onto Garibaldi's volunteers and drive them off .. Inspired by this game I have reset the table and re-jigged the forces and will replay it . 


  1. Lovely looking game Tony. Wargames are the one thing that I'm happy about being unpredictable!

  2. Lovely stuff. Not only do the 'baddies' have the best biscuits (Bourbon much nicer than Garibaldi, I think), it seems they had the best dice too..

    1. Not a fan of Bourbon biscuits myself but am partial to a Garibaldi with my cup of tea ! .