Tuesday 30 October 2018

Back To Old Faithful.

Been wondering what to game this week and was at a bit of a lose , I was looking through my shelf of rules seeking inspiration when I came across 'The Sword And The Flame' - the die was cast ! .

I decided on the Sudan as it's a while since the figures have had an outing . The Egyptian force has to secure the railway bridge to stop the Mahadists from blowing it up and thus prevent supplies being moved up to the main Egyptian force. The Egyptian force consists of two units of infantry and a Nordenfelt Machine Gun , a unit of lancers and some Bashi-Bazooks . 

The Egyptian C in C Hicks Pasha views the bridge and can see no sign of the enemy - "it's quiet - too quiet !". The Madhist forces will be diced for randomly and their points of entry decided by the dice. 

The Bashi - Bazooks move forward on the right flank to scout out the river banks , dashing but rather poor troops . I will continue this game in the next blog.
PS a plug for the site that got me into Colonial wargaming - Major General Tremorden Rederring's site 



  1. Good choice! I'm glad I got to chat with Larry a few times and to roll dice with him. (ahhh THAT was a sweet victory!)

    and I do miss the Major-General's website or rather I still go to the archived site periodically for the sheer joy of it.

    1. I envy you meeting the great man he wrote one of the classic sets of rules which I don't think has been beaten for Colonials .