Friday 2 November 2018

TSATF Sudan Game .

As the Egyptians advance to secure the bridge the captured artillery manned by captive Egyptian gunners encouraged by a Dervish overseer opens fire ! .

- and causes casualties on the Lancers who dash to cross the bridge before the Dervish infantry can arrive . 

The movement in TSATF is determined by dice and the Lancers took forever to cross the bridge and received several rounds of fire and were forced to retire as the Dervish tribesmen move up .

The Hadenoa tribesmen move to attack the Egyptian left .

Two units of  Dervishes are directed to the bridge and arrive to drive the shaken Lancers back .

The Egyptians are having more problems - one unit commander begins to behave oddly ! and the unit is not moved forward as ordered ( an overdose of Hashish ?) 

The Egyptians go on the defensive ! .

The Egyptian line drives off an Dervish attack .

The Nordenfelt gun comes into action ! .

- and is overrun ! opps ! 

Hicks Pasha joins the Bashi Bazooks to try and save the situation - but the Dervishes get to charge first and in the following melee Hicks Pasha is forced to flee (in his memoirs he says his horse bolted !?) , the cavalry fled the field leaving the Egyptians without leadership ! .

The end of the game , the Egyptian retire with a bloody nose , the Hadenoa  having taken heavy casualties are happy to let them go and retire parading their captured machine gun with them ! . An excellent game TSATF delivers once again .