Sunday 30 September 2018

A Pleasant Mornings Work.

I usually have batches of figures  based and undercoated ready for painting and I found I have finally got the last lot done so I had to consider what to get ready next . I have several project on the go but I thought I would get some more plastic ACW figures done for my 'Sharp Practise' games , I had bought two boxes of Perry plastic infantry and set to gluing the next two units up. A lot of wargamers are not keen on plastics but I like them , they're cheap and I find putting them together very therapeutic - takes me back to making model aircraft in my youth .

The Confederate unit done , I have completed a Union group as well , I'm going to undercoat them with black spray when it stops raining outside and will start painting them next week giving myself a break from all the re-basing I've been doing.


  1. I don't mind plastic figures... I just hate sticking them together! They paint up nicely though.

    1. I must admit I do enjoy putting them together , the Perrys are not to bad only the arms and hat need gluing on.