Sunday 8 October 2017

The Next Batch For 1897.

Been in a painting frenzy completing some more figures for 'A's 1897 project , here we see British Rifles , I've always found it hard to get 'Rifle' green right , it's a very dark green (almost black) but it can look a bit odd I think when done on 28mm figures so I do lighten it a bit - although it looks very dark in this photo - trick of the light (or my photography) ..

Did some more Volunteers plus a mounted officer for them .

For the Germans a unit of Jaegers , again they have come out in this photo a lot darker than they are in actuality .

A rare bird - a mounted Naval Officer for the German Naval Brigade and some more sailors . Have been gluing up and undercoating the next batch of figures which includes cavalry and artillery . When these are done there should be enough for a small game .


  1. Your not wasting any time are you...
    Looking good...and shiny.

    Have you seen...
    Vanished Armies by A E Haswell Miller and John Mollo...
    Although it covers a later period 1907-1914 the art work is very inspiring .
    It was my go to book when I was making my Little Britons.

    All the best Aly

    1. Yes I have a copy a very interesting and useful book

  2. Wonderful painting - the grey uniforms are particularly smart.

  3. Green is exceptionally difficult to photograph, Tony. They are looking very smart nonetheless.
    Best regards

    1. Yes tried photo-shopping the pictures but it didn't improve them .