Wednesday 25 October 2017

Nearly Run Out Of Figures ! .

Been sorting out my 'corner of shame' under the wargaming table and came across the remaining Thirty Years War figures - and was somewhat taken aback to find that I had almost used up the figures I had amassed ! . Well there are three boxes left - twelve Dragoons , a Scottish Mercenary Regiment and a box of mortars and a waggon .

Oh ! and a box of bits and pieces on sprue ,mainly another couple of guns and crew  . I'm rather pleased with myself how well this project has gone , I've been on with it for about a year or so and have enjoyed the challenge of only using plastic figures with all the pluses and minuses involved with these figures . They take quite a lot of preparation to get them ready (especially the cavalry) , but they paint up well and look good on the table with a character all of their own .

Think I might tackle this waggon and team next , it get rather a slating on the Plastic Soldier site and it could be a bit of a swine to put together but I need some baggage for my armies so will report back on how it goes .

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