Monday 23 October 2017

Close Wars , The Battle .

The British main force moves onto the table .

The Frontiersmen cover the flanks .

The first casualty ! .

The Rangers take cover .

The Light Infantry take the high ground .

The Indians are alerted and move onto the table .

The French Militia hold up the British advance .

The Regulars deploy and fire a devastating volley ! .

The position is overrun and the British push on .

The Indians sneak up on some  of the isolated British .

The French Infantry arrive but it's to late , sad to say at this point as the battle hotted up I got carried away and forgot to take photos . The British caused 50% casualties on the French before the bulk of the reinforcements arrived and so won the game being able to exit the table without any serious interference . A good quick game with just a few figures on a small table .


  1. Many a fun time can be found with a small table and few figures.

  2. A fn looking game. I really like the figures. I had some of the indians and rangers long ago painted in the same glossy style.

  3. Fantastic looking game. Featherstone's rules are always a success.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you , I just like the chunky little figures .

  5. Looks like fun as well as being very attractive.

    1. Tempted to add a few touches to the rules , been scribbling notes .